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    Top 10(ish): 2020 Edition - page 96

    1. Steel Vengeance 2. Skyrush 3. Taron 4. Untamed 5. Magnum XL 200 6. Hyperion 7. Zadra 8. Silver Star 9. Mako 10. Phoenix Can't see the top 2 ever being shifted tbh. Have been tempted to move Taron down a bit but the memories 🥰 Hyperion was a huge surprise having heard mixed reviews. The...
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    Last Cred Review

    Lech Coaster - why is there only one of these ffs? An absolute bargain at €4 million. This is the most forceful coaster I've been on with a couple of real strong 'grey out' moments. The airtime moments are powerful and this would probably be top 10 if it had just a lap restraint.
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    Wodan vs Troy

    #TeamJoris for me too. Wodan is breathtaking though. Completely berserk from start to finish.
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    What's the roughest coaster in the UK and why?

    Whoever designed the restraints for Colossus is a lunatic. They are absolutely huge. Colossus isn't that rough, just uncomfortable because of said restraints. It's an excellent front row ride and the Flamingo Land one could end up being many people's no.1 UK coaster.
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    Walibi Belgium | Unknown | Intamin Mega Coaster

    Ah my mistake. There's a clone going somewhere though isn't there? It's certainly an exciting period for the Benelux area. And you're pretty close to Parc Asterix for their new coaster.
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    Walibi Belgium | Unknown | Intamin Mega Coaster

    Goodness gracious me, completely forgot about this project. On paper this looks to have a bit of everything. A solid all rounder. The Ben Stokes of coasters. Height, speed, airtime, weird cobra thing and the snappy Maverick-esque turns at the end. Best of all we've got this and the Time...
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    Your longest theme park hiatus?

    Got Alton Towers next week followed by Legendia and Energilandia.
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    What's the roughest coaster in the UK and why?

    This! It's clearly the roughest by far tbf but I love a back row ride on Grand National. I'd take it over Infusion or Big One any day. Back row on Megafobia is wild too. I wouldn't say it's rough but it provides a couple of particularly violent moments.
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    Hersheypark | Chocolatetown | 2019/2020 Park Expansion

    Silver Star is tremendous. I think this has potential to be one of the best hypers out there. It takes those hills at some serious speed. Skyrush is a different beast though and can't be compared to anything else, it's so unique. When I think back to my marathon evening Skyrush sesh last year...
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    Is Phantom’s Revenge at Kennywood classed as an Arrow or a Morgan?

    Morgan deserve all the credit tbf.
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    Not been on here in months! Hope you're all good

    Not been on here in months! Hope you're all good
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    “Warming up throughout the day” - a myth?

    Don't know about the science but it's definitely not a myth. I didn't really notice it for years tbf. Icon is the ultimate example as others have said. First thing in the morning it farts you out of the station and crawls over the top hat. Any time after 2ish it's a different beast, flying...
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    Biggest Disappointment...

    Steel Curtain. Unsure how something that big can be so forceless? tbf I only had one ride early in the day, hopefully it rides better when warmed up.
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    YAY Merlin!

    Bad memories of Wickerman opening day right there.
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    Biggest Disappointment...

    It's a pretty crap coaster tbh. The restraint tightening seems to be a fairly recent thing, I'm sure it was never an issue 5+ years ago. Also Olympia Looping = £10 a ride, Phoenix at Knoebels = £2.29