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    Space Mountatin WDW - Multiple Trains on Lift Hill

    I happened to mulling through YouTube today and stumbled across yet another POV of Space Mountain with the lights on. However, something caught my eye. While the train is on the lift hill, you can see the train in font of it has not yet cleared the lift block. Does anyone know if and why this is...
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    Name a Park, What You Think it Needs to Do, and How To Do It

    Re: Name a Park, What You Think it Needs to Do, and How To D Valleyfair! This summer I finally decided to make it out to Valleyfair!. It was a pleasant experience, but many areas of the park simply disappointed me. Mainly, all of the cement. The park simply seems to lack character. (Especially...
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    Your "Perfect Coaster"?

    Re: Your MF's first drop with Shivering Timber's hills. That all you need. :wink:
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    Disaster Transport Final Dispatch: A Mission for the Kids

    Attention all "lovers" of DT, Ceder Point is putting together an event to benefit Give Kids The World Village. Enjoy some ERT on Disaster Transport for a good cause! For more info visit:
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    Which coaster(s) do you ride first?

    It's all about queue times. Before I visit the the park I have a list of must ride coasters. I'll ride those during the day based on queue times/ estimated future queue times and if it's economical to walk all the way across the park to get to them.
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    smooth SLC's

    I've only ever been on two SLCs: Mind Eraser at Elitch Gardens and Thunderhawk at Michigan's Adventure. Of the two, Thunderhawk takes the cake for being the smoothest. I rerode it at least twice and it wasn't that bad. Mind Eraser on the other hand was terrible. I never want to ride it again!
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    How many ACE Coaster Classics have you ridden?

    My list is pathetic, but here it is: ACE Coaster Classics 1. Zach's Zoomer - Michigan's Adventure Former ACE Coaster Classics 1. Blue Streak - Cedar Point Roller Coaster Landmarks 1. Giant Dipper - Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk 2. Magnum XL-200 - Cedar Point 3. Matterhorn Bobsleds - Disneyland...
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    SFDK | Superman Ultimate Flight|Premier Rides launch coaster

    Re: SFDK | Superman Ultimate Flight|Premier Rides launch coa She's growing! Full construction update: ... rises.html
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    How much do you drink?

    ^That's exactly what I used to think, but things really started to change when I got older. Of course there are plenty of other things to do that are even more fun, but alcohol does prove for a good time. (If you're with friends and in good spirits. Honestly, I think drinking alone is just sad.)...
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    Man rescued from inside Oblivion's tunnel

    I can't possibly understand how anyone can enter a closed off area so nonchalantly without anyone immediately stoping them.
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    Greezed Lightnin’ moving to Cliff’s Amusement Park

    I'm not sure it was quite a fair trade though. I'm pretty sure Joyland got the ass end of the deal.
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    Greezed Lightnin’ moving to Cliff’s Amusement Park

    Source: ... ment-park/ A very interesting way to acquire a ride! It's always nice to see a classic get a new life!
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    How much of a credit whore are you?

    If it's at a park I'm in, I will ride it. I'll admit I'm a bit of a credit whore, but I've never went out of my way just to whoring around.
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    Sahara Casino closes, Speed - The Ride SBNO

    Can anyone find an estimated opening date? I highly doubt it will be done for my visit in late July... :(
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    How much do you drink?

    The fact that I'm still underage and live on a dry campus really puts a hamper on my drinking. That being said, I usually leave the drinking for major party holidays. (Spring Break, New Years Eve, etc...) When I do drink it's solely to get drunk. US drinking laws are the laughing stock of the...