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    Six Flags park announced in Saudi Arabia

    Does that coaster suddenly speed up half way through?!
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    Energylandia | Zadra | RMC I-Box

    This is the first and only ground up Ibox coaster. All the other ones have been retrofits. So I guess that’s unique right?
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    Kings Island | Orion | B&M Giga Coaster

    Taller brake run = lower speed = shorter stopping distance, basically.
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    Universal Studios Beijing | 2020

    Hulk 1.0 was such a rough coaster, the reprofiling of this makes me happy. I wonder what theme it will have?
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    Kings Island | Orion | B&M Giga Coaster

    It’s not an ampersand tbh, it’s too short. It’s more like Apollo’s Helix. Ampersands exit in the same direction as they enter, are much steeper/higher and less drawn out.
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    Universal's Epic Universe Announced! New Orlando Resort!

    HTTYD is cool and all, but there’s already a few parks that have lands themed to it already. This seems like an ill planned move, or a “filler” area, rather than a big exciting new land. Don’t get me wrong, Universal will probably do it more justice than Merlin/Heide or that Emirates park ever...
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    Busch Gardens Williamsburg | Pantheon | Intamin LSM Coaster

    So is it Pantheon or is it The New Pantheon? What a weird name for a coaster, like calling a launch coaster “Notre Dam” or “St Pauls Cathedral”.
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    Europa Park to add a new major Mack coaster within the next 5 years

    Both Mack and Europa Park are missing a ‘proper’ inverted coaster from their line up. An inverted Blue fire-esk coaster would not only provide EP with a world class new coaster, but would be a great way to utilise Mack’s showcase park for a new product. Is it just wishful thinking? Maybe...
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    Crazy Bats VR Coaster - Phantasialand

    It’s what you get for trying to ride a “new” ride in the first few days of operation I’m afraid. It’s gunna have teething problems, and communication isn’t going to be as good because the staff are all learning the new procedures. Just be thankful it wasn’t the 600 minute wait that Hagrid had...
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    Crazy Bats VR Coaster - Phantasialand

    Quiet days and June are not something you’d see in the same sentence unless you added the words “there are no”. This kinda goes for any European park tbh, it’s the best weather, and all the school trips to parks generally happen on the weekdays in June.
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    Green Lantern First Flight Will Be Retracked|Six Flags Magic Mountain

    Is there an actual news article/announcement for this?
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    Linnanmäki | Taiga | Intamin LSM Launch Coaster

    I think it does have a lack of atmosphere, but that’s not because it doesn’t have theming, it’s because there arn’t any trees, there’s no greenery and the ride is placed next to a warehouse and a road. It just looks like an industrial estate. I hope they plant out the area underneath, at least...
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    New B&M model incoming?

    Oh, my bad. But yeah that ain’t happening. It’s a dumb idea, and B&M would not invest money even thinking about it.
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    New B&M model incoming?

    Eww. Firstly this is a family forum, secondly you just made yourself sound like a right virgin. Can we stop with this lying down idea already?? It’s dumb, uncomfortable and would just not happen. Flying coasters don’t spend much time in the prone position for that exact reason. Move on people!
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    New B&M model incoming?

    But then you’re flipping a coin with Intamin water rides (how many of their recent instalations in the last 5/10 years have actually been successful?), and while Mack water coasters are “decent enough”, they’ve not ever really had good track work, or been actually exciting ‘rollercoasters’. B&M...