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    Your UK top 10, 2021

    Always difficult to figure out a UK top 10. After the top 5 it all becomes just filler but I'll give it a bash... 1. Icon 2. The Ultimate 3. Oblivion 4. Stealth 5. Revolution 6. Nemesis 7. The Swarm 8. Storm Chaser (after one very spinny ride) 9. Saw 10. Th13teen (night rides only)
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    Best drop tower ride?

    Mystery Castle has to be one of the best drop towers out there, the theming, the lighting and that insane second boost halfway up the tower, it's one of those rides that you just can't help but laugh the whole ride. Some other honourable mentions would have to be the Anubis drop tower at Holiday...
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    The Best, The Wurst and The Gersts - A Week in Germany

    Pretty accurate I'd say ?. Original from our spontaneous Movie Park visit whilst on tour in 2015.
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    The Best, The Wurst and The Gersts - A Week in Germany

    Thank you. You just can't go to Phantasialand and not photograph Talocan. ;)
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    The Best, The Wurst and The Gersts - A Week in Germany

    What a fantastic trip it was. I thought I would chime in with a few of my thoughts from the trip, I'll try and keep it brief as Serena touched on most of the points far more eloquently than I could ever put it. I thought I should start off with rating the drop towers having ridden one in each...
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    The disaster that is Journey To Hell Freak Nights at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    I just did this last night and yes, it was an absolute let down. The story just wasn’t cohesive at all. Everyone was split into 3 or 4 groups and it seemed that each group went through each area in a different order which makes no sense if trying to tell a cohesive story. Most of the night was...
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    Last Cred Review

    Fury - Bobbejaanland My expectations for this ride were for it to be thoroughly fun but nothing to write home about, but what a huge surprise this coaster was! Whilst I really like the unique concept where riders can vote with buttons on the restraints whether they want to ride forwards or...
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    Untame My Heart | Trip Reports

    Great weekend! Good to meet some new people and do a couple new parks for me. As expected Untamed was super fab. Walibi as a whole is a bit ****e, almost zero atmosphere, minimal theming and those god damn wasps! Controversial opinion but Fury is potentially a top 10 coaster. Granted I’ve been...
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    What is your favourite drop tower?

    Favourite standard drop tower is Detonator for the force. I wish I could say Lex Luthor, the height is intimidating but it’s just not that forceful at all. Overall favourite has to be Mystery Castle.
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    Overrated and Underrated Roller Coasters

    Overrated - Nemesis - Yeah, it’s a good ride and aesthetically it’s amazing but for me I just don’t get the major hype for it. Underrated - Joris En De Draak - heard so much about it being a weak GCI. Granted, I haven’t ridden many GCIs but I found it to be really fab. Some nice pops of...
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    Dubious Claims

    It would have been UK’s first multi launch coaster. I don’t have much of an issue with this one. I guess yeah technically Rev is a launch coaster but most people can differentiate between the launches on Icon and what is essentially a shove on Rev.
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    Dubious Claims

    I’m sensing a theme in this thread, *cough* Merlin *cough*
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    Dubious Claims

    I’m pretty sure Thorpe Park always used to claim The Swarm had 5 inversions. Nah soz hun that incline loop definitely doesn’t invert.
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    Six Flags: The most Magic of all the Mountains.

    Oh I’m not actually sure where it places yet, I think maybe about number 5. Haha thanks, well spotted, Martyr Defiled were top class.
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    Six Flags: The most Magic of all the Mountains.

    Haha yup that is correct, it was the terms of the ticket, basically I went over with a friend who was working on the flight which had a two night layover. Next RMC will be Untamed in September and I’m even more excited now than I was before.