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    Nigloland | Krampus Expedition | Mack Water Coaster | 2021

    Yeah indeed. EGF Turn is an unofficial term. Let's call that an enthusiast's way of talk
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    Nigloland | Krampus Expedition | Mack Water Coaster | 2021

    Yeah, the drop is a bit flat, isn't it ? An EGF Turn is an element first appeared on Expedition Ge Force (from where it takes the name) and basically is an s turn on the top of an airtime hill. It's quite pleasant, as you combine the feeling of the twist, and great airtimes. This is the...
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    Nigloland | Krampus Expedition | Mack Water Coaster | 2021

    From what I've heard, there might be an EGF Turn at some point. I dunno how to take this, and I might be completely mistaken. But, I hope it's true. For the layout, don't have a clue. Obviously, the lift will be parallel to Alipna's Bunny hops. And then, I see a twisted drop towards the...
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    Your worst spite

    Oh, I know that feeling bro ! We went there with some friends. Done Europa-Park the first day of opening last year. It was friday, was with my wife and everything was perfect. The saturday we headed for Holiday Park with the 4 other guys. It was cold and rainy. It was our first for all of 6...
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    Gröna Lund | Monster | B&M Invert | 2021

    Oh god... this is a hell of a support for the first drop ! Love the fact it is directly facing the water, the feeling of dropping into the sea will be amazing IMO !
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    B&M Surf Coaster Thread

    So, I've had a quick look at it and you're right. The main purpose of this patent is to ged rid off the complex mechanic of the old restrain system. To adjust the height then, it needed a lots of pieces to align, and it was complicated and noisy. By the use of a hydraulic cylinder, it corrects...
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    Walt Disney Studios Park | Unknown | Rock 'n' Roller Coaster retheme | 2021

    Ok maybe not every single day since the opening, but still... it has a tough job !
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    Parc Astérix | Toutatis | Intamin Launch Coaster | 2023

    The environmental study was published last week. On this, it is said that the project is called Toutatis. Dunno if it will be the coaster name at the end. But, as Toutatis is a celtic god, it would make sens. After all, we already have zeus in the greek zone, Oziris in the egyptian one, so why...
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    Walt Disney Studios Park | Unknown | Rock 'n' Roller Coaster retheme | 2021

    on french forums, the debat about the trains being replaced is very alive. Some says they have good sources saying the old ones would stay, having just the body remade to fit the new theme. IMO, I found this affirmation to be odd. Ok, RnRc aged quite well for an 18 years old Vekoma (and...
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    A park with the best and worst coaster in one!

    Don't blame me for being kinda patriotic, but Parc Astérix might be a solid contender in here. One one hand, we have a very good inverted B&M (not the best I agree, but still) that is Oziris, and on the other hand,... Goudurix. My personnal worst. Last time I rode this evil piece of crap, I...
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    Manufacturers With the Most/Least Reliable Rides

    Reading all this makes me wonder about one thing. What is the proportion of the downtime because there is an issue and the downtime just because the security systems do their jobs and stop the ride ? I mean, a dysfuntional sensor, a train stopping an inch further than it should do, a train a...
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    Parc Astérix | Toutatis | Intamin Launch Coaster | 2023

    You're right, it was originally meant to open next year, as it is for its "twin" at Walibi Belgium. Unfortunately, the park is located in a protected forest, the forest of Ermenonville, so studies had to be done to evaluate the impact on the nature. Moreover, the underground of the area is...
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    Busch Gardens Asia - A collab Planet Coaster Park !

    Hey Everyone ! For maybe 2 months now, some friends and me are working on a theme park on Planet Coaster. We went for a park like the Buschs Gardens ones, as they are not overthemed like the Disney's or Universals ones, but quite pretty nevertheless. As we wouldn't make a pure copy, we...
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    Coasters you like that others don’t and a coaster you don’t like that others do

    For my own, the choice is quite simple regarding a coaster I like but others don't. It's Poseidon at Europa-Park ! Ok, the first bit is rouch, but I find it more tolerable with the new seatings (they've put seatings like Atlantica rather than benches) but I still have a good moment when I'm on...