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    2nd Gen Reverchon Spinning Wild Mice

    I can’t work out if there’s a little speed increase at 2.05 in that POV. Not sure if there’s a small hill or if the camera is playing tricks. Just seems to speed up quickly into that corner! Edit: I think there’s a drive wheel acting a small launch.
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    Hansa Park Announce 2 New Attractions for 2020

    Glad the bell is going but do Hansa really need a 4th Flume ride?
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    Holiday World | Cheetah Chase | ProSlide RocketBlast

    Can you point this out? I can’t see anything that shows or resembles a lift and given the layout can’t see how they’d make a lift hill and first drop work that well. I guess the footer locations could suggest some elevated track in the straight after the station but more likely an airtime hill...
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    Holiday World | Cheetah Chase | ProSlide RocketBlast

    I’d like £100 on this being the launched Intamin water coaster concept showcased at IAAPA please. New it was weird seeing the old Pilgrims Plunge boats out! They must be looking at reusing them.
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    Opinions on the best European coaster, and why

    I’ve done Helix, Taron, Wildfire, Karnan, Hyperion and I rank them in that order. I could do with re riding Helix as my last was in 2016 but I’m sure it’ll still hold up. Others to throw in the mix; Nemesis - not my cup of tea Katun - not my cup of tea Ispeed - not a fan of the restraints Not...
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    We need to talk about Drayton...

    I’ve ridden over 350 coasters and Drayton Manor is only a 90 minute drive from my house. I’ve never been. At current rate the lineup is rapidly shrinking so I’ll have to go sooner rather than later. Just have no motivation whatsoever!
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    Top 10(ish): 2019 Edition - page 80

    The thing that jumped out at me was seeing Balder and Silver Star comparatively low. Anything in particular you didn’t like about that them? Seems odd seeing Swarm and Saw ranked pretty highly considering you’ve travelled pretty well!
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    Holiday World | Cheetah Chase | ProSlide RocketBlast

    Playing devils advocate here but i visited in june and saw all of the intamin boats for Pilgrims Plunge lined up just outside the old station, looked like they were being inspected or something. Unfortunately i dont have pictures as my phone died but seemed odd for a ride that closed 5 years...
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    Paultons Park | Tornado Springs | New Area 2020

    And a better water ride, their log flume is very poor and in no way up to standard with the rest of the park.
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    Holiday World | Cheetah Chase | ProSlide RocketBlast

    Think you're all on the money with a waterpark addition, the name 'Splashin Safari' kinda spells out its animal theme enough! Only thing that do make me possibly think otherwise is; Would a waterslide receive a marketing campaign like this? I guess so if it was breaking records. Isn't there a...
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    Parc Astérix Launch Coaster for 2021

    That image looks like it could be for an off the shelf model?
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    Cedar Point- From the perspective of a british pleb

    I recently visited and overall have similar feelings towards the park. Didn't rate Valravn at all and actually found it bordering rough with its horrible rattle!
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    Unknown | Flamingo Land | Intamin 10 Inversion Coaster (possible Hopi Hari relocation)

    Was gonna say this is over by the log flume thingy. Interesting!
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    Crazy Bats VR Coaster - Phantasialand

    This is similar to what I've noticed. I spoke to the ride op on my last visit and he said the single rider policy is weird, if the queue is more than 15 minutes they shut the single rider queue entrance and let people group outside it, every 10 minutes or so they open it up and let people...
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    IoA | Unknown | Jurassic Park Intamin Blitz

    I think the nature of this debate has changed quite significantly since people called out Tom for him confidently saying it was going to be a Mack. Yes Mack could be involved but that's not what was originally said. As far as I'm concerned if its using Intamin track its an Intamin ride...