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    Thorpe Park 2024 - new coaster?

    I’m still sticking by my weird Mack triple launch / spinner prediction I made a while ago but wanted to present some ramblings to add to the B&M hyper discussion. Would anyone have predicted B&M building a family triple launch wing coaster? Is it possible that B&M go for something completely...
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    Could steel coasters get the RMC (-ish) treatment?

    I can’t see why they wouldn’t. I know RMC’s main requirement is concrete footers, anything else is considered a bonus. I think storm chaser was nearly all metal support work but I’m not sure how much was actually retained. Regarding Blackpool and the The Big One I think it’s pretty common...
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    Thorpe Park 2024 - new coaster?

    I’ve no idea what this is going to be but I don’t think we’re too far off seeing plans on the planning portal if the 2024 date is correct. For that reason I wanted to get my bets in! GCI woodie Mack triple launch / spinner Second would be a little bit meh but I can see Thorpe going for a...
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    Thorpe Park 2024 - new coaster?

    I’ve not read the entire thread but have seen the cravings for a B&M hyper and rightly so, I think it’s almost a no brainer for Thorpe. Well, I think it was a no brainer 10 years ago but I’m not so sure anymore. Is a hyper really enough to satisfy the GP’s expectations now? It would absolutely...
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    CWOA | Project Amazon | B&M Wing Coaster (Jumanji Land?)| 2023

    Wouldn’t surprise me if this is a smaller iteration of the wing coaster with 1 seat on each wing. Would be peak Chessington.
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    GhosterForce 2021: Bigger, Longer & Uncut

    Really excited for this, count me in for both park days. Will need to check annual leave for Tulleys but should still be ok!
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    Coaster with the strongest smell?

    Jetline at Gronalund when you go past the extract ventilation discharge from the nearby restaurant.
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    Best pirate ship?

    Second this, was amazed at how crazy it was!
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    WTF Merlin?

    It’s clear Alton are trying implement some kind of system that minimises loses / running costs on poor weather days. There’s a tricky balance to be found in having longer hours to get the punters in but not having them so long that on quiet / bad weather days the park ends up staying open late...
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    Thorpe Park | Black Mirror | Glorified mirror maze

    I experienced it today and just wanted to jot down a few thoughts; it’s pretty good! The concept is cool, and the introduction / early scenes are great. The mazes are good and you get pretty lost which I found more frustrating than intimidating or thrilling, I guess that’s the idea tho. The...
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    Chessington World Of Adventures | Croc Drop | Zamperla Sky (Drop) Tower

    For some reason I had it in my head that this was going to be 2 towers for capacity purposes, no idea where I got that from. The work Chessington have done with this is excellent, the marketing, themeing and story all look great but can't help but agree with concerns above about the capacity...
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    New (temporary, hired) flat rides for Alton Towers

    Imagine queuing 50 WHOLE MINUTES to go on a Super Trooper. SW9 is going to be a Wacky Worm at this rate, passholders would probably still lap it up.
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    WTF Merlin?

    Remind me of Roller Coaster Tycoon and how you could make guests get lost then charge them for maps. Soon Merlin will be doubling the price of umbrellas on rainy days...
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    Potential addition of rides / themepark to Warner Bros Studio Tour, London.

    This rumour should be taken with a large pinch of salt as I dont have anything other than word to back it up but I have reason to believe that the Harry Potter Studio Tour is looking to expand its offering by incorporating rides and / or a themepark section in the near future. Apparently there...