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    Longchong Scenic Spot To Install Pretty Insane Thrill Rides

    First of all, did it really take you six months to think of a comeback? Secondly, you know you're referring to them specifically as Chinese knock offs, in that tone, with the emphasis on Chinese. So, yes, you may not see it but it's racist ****.
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    Coaster Red Force | PORTAVENTURA and FERRARI LAND | 30th Nov - 1st Dec 2019

    I have contacted the park but no luck on perks yet - will keep y’all updated if something comes through. It’s kinda trickier when everyone has mostly sorted entry already though I won’t lie!
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    TusenFryd 2020-2021: Biggest investment to date, but no details yet

    Oh god no I don’t want to have to go back.
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    Ferrari World Abu Dhabi | Mission Ferrari | Dynamic Attractions

    We were there a couple of months back and it actually looked basically ready to open - the facade, queue etc all looks done from the outside and they were finishing off painting the building. I did take pics but it won’t let me upload them from my phone - they’re on Twitter here though
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    Your longest theme park hiatus?

    Uhhhh I don’t have dates like apparently half of y’all but really my first year or so after I graduated - mainly 2012 and quite a bit of 2013 - was pretty slow. It wasn’t really until Sweden in 2014 that things started picking up again for me and now it’s pretty much never more then a month or...
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    Dreamworld Australia To Close Tower Of Terror

    I'm actually a bit gutted about this - Australia's not really on my agenda for a while, but this has always been so iconic I was hoping to tick off the collection of these.
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    Fright nights Walibi Holland 2019

    Ughhh going on Sunday and I cannot wait! We did it a few years ago and it’s an outstanding event - got RIP passes and tickets for Below and the Clinic all ready to go!
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    Thorpe Park Fright Nights 2019

    We went on Press Night and honestly Platform 15 was the maze of the night for me! It was just me and Ian, and the actors were doing this weird, grotesque Grudge style contorting and vomiting blood that was just fantastic. The ending is still, womp, but up until that it was so good!
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    Most Obscure Coaster you've ridden

    I know we were like, the second riders on Corgi Dog at Fantawild Wuhu earlier in the year, so that must be up there! For major coasters I feel like Heaven’s Wing at HB World is fairly obscure? The most obscure coaster people actually give a **** about is probably Soaring With Dragon?
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    Walt Disney Studios changes and expansion

    To be Marvel? It's... right next to the Marvel area?
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    What is the wettest water ride you've ever been on?

    The bloody Mack Water Coaster at Ocean Kingdom, the one that’s a clone of Poseidon at Europa. I don’t know why it was so wet but honestly we got the most wet I’ve ever been in my life. Like a casual tsunami.
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    Liseberg Approved For €100m Grand Curiosa Hotel In 2023

    Yesssss Liseberg. This is why this park is so fab!
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    SFMM | West Coast Racers | Premier Quad Launch Möbius Sky Rocket

    Yessss Apocalypse. I’ve given up getting WCR in November but I’d have been pissed if it meant Apoc was shut as well.
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    Sweden (and a little bit of Norway) – August 2019 {Day 4: Liseberg}

    The EIGHT MINUTE DISPATCHES on the kiddie! EIGHT. MINUTES. A dispatch took. eight. minutes. That was the peak issue for that park. Honestly it was worse than China. My favourite part of the day was that girl faceplanting during the midday running of the bulls. That’ll teach her.
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    Flamingo Land | Unknown | Intamin 10 Inversion Coaster

    Two weeks shipping from Malaysia would be like, record time, it’s about a month. But I very much doubt they even intend to open this before the Summer, Flamingo don’t do early openings for new rides