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    Dollywood announce Lightning Rod's launch to be replaced with chain lift

    I got extremely lucky during my two day visit in April 2018 and got 4 rides on LRod. That launch was a ton of fun but if it will be open on a regular basis then I'm all for this change. I was so stressed before my visit about the coaster being down for my visit and while it was closed most of...
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    Rides that don't feel safe

    Coast Rider at Knott's felt like the cars were going to fly off the track on every turn. The first time I was genuinely scared for my safety on a coaster.
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    Dorney Park | Iron Menace | B&M Dive Machine | 2024

    Honestly, I wouldn't be mad. 😂
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    Dorney Park | Iron Menace | B&M Dive Machine | 2024

    Coaster Studios did an interview with someone at Dorney when this was announced and he said there will be a house that tie's in with the coaster, so good call everyone who thought of this!
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    Does anyone know what is going on with Xcelerator?

    America's Coaster Network has testing footage on his YouTube channel.
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    Loch Ness Monster @ BGW to undergo major refurbishment in 2024

    When I rode this in 2022 it was not as rough as I was expecting but this is great news. The interconnected loops are so picturesque I can't imagine BGW without this coaster.
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    Cedar Point | Top Thrill 2 | Triple Launch Renovation | 2024

    With some of the replies I've seen on Twitter and FB recently to the new teasing and people speculating what's going on with TTD 2.0, I'm beginning to lose faith at people's ability to objectively look at that construction site and at least realize a second top hat isn't happening. So while I...
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    Cedar Point | Top Thrill 2 | Triple Launch Renovation | 2024

    I'm going to assume the last sentence is sarcasm but, honestly, I can't tell... But if it's not,
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    Rides that don't feel safe

    I second this one. I didn't realize how much the structure moved until I was off it and my friend pointed it out. :oops:
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    Most rides you've ever had on one attraction in a day?

    I believe during member previews for Jersey Devil I had about 15 rides in 90 minutes. My other would be 9 laps on Nitro and 7 of those were in a row without leaving my seat since the park had just opened and there was no line.
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    Major Rides At Your Local Park You Always Skip?

    Pretty much this except I always ride Batman. If Joker's line is pretty short I'll always ride it. If the line is backed up to the switchbacks then I'll skip.
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    Your B&M Count

    Let's see if I can name them all... Raptor Valravn Gatekeeper Mantis/Rougarou Batman (SFGrAgv) Green Lantern (SFGrAdv Superman (SFGrAdv) Nitro Medusa/Bizarro (SFGrAdv) Raging Bull Batman (SFGrAm) Alpengeist Apollo's Chariot Griffon Batman The Dark Knight Wild Eagle Montu Kumba Sheikra...
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    Icon Park - Drop Tower Accident 24/03/2022

    Here is an article from CNN about it as well.
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    Cedar Point | Top Thrill 2 | Triple Launch Renovation | 2024

    I couldn’t get a picture of the removed track pieces since I was on Iron Dragon but I’m glad a picture was posted. There was work being done this morning when the park opened for early entry but I couldn’t see what’s going on. Most of the brake fins on the launch have been removed. The only ones...
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    El Toro incident 25 August

    I've seen several people who have ridden it within the last month say similar things. In 2019, El Toro was getting quite rough and the turnaround after the two airtime hills jackhammered me so badly I considered never riding it again. After it reopened for the 2021 season I rode it in May and...