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Your Year in Review: 2018 edition on page 1

Discussion in 'General Discussions & Opinions' started by Matt N, Sep 3, 2018.

  1. DelPiero

    DelPiero Well-Known Member

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    Steel Vengeance
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    The back has airtime to rival the Intamin ejector machines, that's all I'm saying.
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  2. Fi

    Fi Well-Known Member

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    Steel Vengence
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    Cedar Point
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    • Coaster count at start of 2018: 300ish
    • Coaster count at end of 2018: 405
    • New credits obtained in 2018: 100ish
    • New parks visited in 2018: 10
    • Days spent in a theme park in 2018: 24 (3x DisneyWorld, 3x Universal Studios Orlando, 1x Seaworld Orlando, 1x Busch Gardens Tampa, 1x Legoland Florida, 3x Alton Towers, 1x Phantasialand, 1x Movie Park Germany, 3x Cedar Point, 1x Kings Island, 3x Alton Towers, 1x Dollywood, 1x Carowinds, 1x Port Aventura)
    • Favourite new ride of 2018: Steel Vengeance
    • Favourite new park of 2018: Dollywood
    • Highlight of 2018: either Steel Vengeance somehow being even better than expected, or reaching the 400 milestone (Afterburn at Carrowinds)
    • Biggest Surprise of 2018: Actually really enjoy Wickerman despite its short length and fairly tame layout
    • Low point of 2018: missing out on Lightning Run at Dollywood
    It’s been a pretty good year overall, there’s been lots of fantastic new rides this year, think it’s been one of the strongest years for new rides in a long time.
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