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Worst Cities to Drive In?

Discussion in 'General Polls' started by Jarrett, Aug 5, 2016.

  1. Benenen

    Benenen Well-Known Member

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    I was fined thirty quid the other week for driving down a bus lane in Reading that I felt I was forced into by the bizarre one way system so yeah, I'd say there.
  2. Mysterious Sue

    Mysterious Sue Well-Known Member

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    Ouch, yeah Reading is a bit crap and has quite a confusing (and large) one way system. I used to go to a scuba diving club in Preston Park on a Thursday night and always got confused trying to leave the city.

    Going to vote Helsinki as there are lots of roads that share use with trams. There are times when the trams have priority and times when cars do and it isn't always obvious what's going on. Had one scary moment driving head on towards a (stationary) tram before turning off - won't forget that in a hurry. Pretty sure it was correct but still very scary.

    Then it has to be London. I work there though so I'm used to it. Wouldn't want to be a tourist trying to read signs to navigate the south circular!

    Tampa's very confusing. There's a bit that reminded me of spaghetti junction with loads of flyovers. Gross.

    Cities I've driven in that are all fine: New York, Tokyo, Phuket, Houston, Paris (busy but not the worst), Rome, Brussels (hate the bloody ringroad though), Stockholm, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Saltzburg...probably lots more.
  3. Hyde

    Hyde I Lied About My Age! Staff Member Moderator Social Media Team

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    Cairo absolutely. Traffics lines are mere suggestions, not to mention having to mind cars, pedestrians, and the occasional horse-drawn wagon.
  4. SimonSays99

    SimonSays99 Guest

    Driving in the US - even in the cities - is mostly a vacation coming from Germany. We have an unwritten rule here: "Who breaks, looses!". In Hamburg, Berlin, Munich if you want to change lines and signal the other drivers are likely blocking you - you have to force your way in. Merging traffic at line reductions also never works, we always have long traffic jams before them - and often fender-benders due to drivers unwilling to let another car in. And we always go roughly 15kph over speed limit - as real fines start only at 20 kph or over. Also pays off to have a car with good acceleration as you can outspeed others at traffic lights - TSI and TDI engines or even Compressor engines are the most popular here if you have the money. On the other hand the police has AMG Mercedes and the highway police mostly Porsche...

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