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What do you find most scary? / Phobias?


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I'm literally TERRIFIED of beetles and crickets. If there was ever some attraction that had real beetles (fake ones don't bother me), I can guarantee I'd be screaming, hyperventilating, terrified and running!

This season I've been to Fright Fest at SFMM and Scarywood (Silverwood Theme Park in Idaho) events this year, and headed to Scarowinds in a couple weeks. I enjoy the themeing, yet, knowing it's actors and to me and just something that's loads of fun, my natural reaction is usually to laugh, stare back, and just enjoy the event. I'm not easy to startle or scare, and for me, the events might be like other people going on a ride at Disneyland - awesome effects, etc., but just enjoyable and not scary.

If anyone else here doesn't get scared at the events, but has phobias to stuff, would the real thing(phobia) be something that would terrify you?

Mysterious Sue

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I hate looking at large objects underwater. Appatently its a real thing (submechanophobia). Bit niche. And it's not that bad cos I've been wreck diving and could handle that.

Don't really like heights either if I'm stopped and feeling exposed and not connected to the floor (i.e. drop towers, planes). But you just have to get on with it don't you.

Some kid in facepaint making a noise in my face just makes me laugh tbh.


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The mazes don’t really scare me anymore, I just enjoy them. Sometimes they get me with a really good scare, but I do enough of them now for it to have worn off. I still love them though they’re the best.

Things that actually get me are heights, arachnids, fish and balloons. Hurrggh.

Pink Cadillac

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I hate looking at large objects underwater. Appatently its a real thing (submechanophobia). Bit niche. And it's not that bad cos I've been wreck diving and could handle that.
I kind of empathise with this (I think I get mild thalossaphobia in general). I can't deal with underwater pictures of large ship propellers.
I used to not even be able to look at pictures of great white sharks, but I'm getting over that.
I get very claustrophobic, but only when it comes to small tunnels.


Believe it or not, I'm actually really scared of heights. I hate heights, but somehow, I'm fine with TTD and Millennium Force.
TTD less so than MF because you really don't notice it.
I'm also scared of bees/yellow jackets/any bug that flies, for some reason.


Mazes don't scare me. They just make me feel uncomfortable. I don't like it when people scream at me and it makes me very nervous knowing it could happen at any time.

Scared? Ever since I was a child I am very afraid of geese. They look so large and have some kind of evil look in their eyes. And they hiss when you pass them. I am about 50% sure that the hissing is a national word in geese language for 'attack'!


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Spiders, for sure. Even in a haunt when I know they're fake, they make me feel really uneasy. I went into a haunt on Saturday night and there were multiple hallways just covered with them and I just ran through that entire part.

I'm not typically afraid of the dark, but in a haunt when it's pitch black I get pretty nervous.


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Having worked in the industry since I was 16, it takes a LOT to scare me in the attractions, I've not had a good scare for years now.

In terms of phobias, I hate spiders, they can all just **** off.


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I’m pretty public about this but I’m actually claustrophobic to the point that it affects my ability to enjoy Haunt. I can’t do enclosed spaces and I can’t do people sneaking into my personal space, it’s too much.

I just got out of my first ever Haunt maze in the watered down family-friendly version of C.H.A.O.S. Expedition Orion and while I’m happy I did it, some of those narrow corridors were really pushing my limits. Next week when we come back for the actual Haunt I might try turning my No Boo off for a bit and seeing how I handle a scare zone full blast. But if you want to really scare me, just have someone jump in my face out of nowhere in a narrow two foot hall, ain’t that hard.


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Daddylonglegs are my absolute worst. I‘m terrified of the things. Don’t really like spiders either although I can tolerate small ones.

In terms of stuff that affects my coaster experiences - not keen on heights either, still haven’t braved anything over 200ft (although I’m going to Nagashima Spa Land next year so might have to bite that particular bullet for a certain cred). I can usually put up with them for the sake of a coaster where I’ll only be in the air for a few seconds before a drop but drop towers and the likes...I don’t really ride them anymore to be honest. I think with coasters the fear of the height is largely overridden by my enjoyment of the rest of the ride but with drop towers there’s no real fun in it for me.


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In 2002 I attended my first ever haunt. Universal's Halloween Horror Nights: Islands of Fear in 2002. First time the event was at Islands of Adventure. They had a Fear Factor maze to capitalize on the shows popularity at the time. I was good all the way up to the snake room. I hate snakes with a passion. Needless to say, I had to be dragged the rest of the way through the maze.
The only thing you should fear, is fear itself...

... That and wasps... Evil little sods, can’t be within 10M of one... I genuinely am terrified of them!


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Terrified of snakes! Went to my first haunt in 2002 which was also the first year Universal Orlando took Halloween Horror Nights to Islands of Adventure!! Fear Factor was big at the time and it got it's own featured maze. I had to be carried out after reaching the snake room, I was that scared.
Spiders, snakes, lizards mostly.

There are a few scary, hairy moments on coasters such as Oblivion's drop, the anticipation of the launch on Stealth etc. But coasters mostly do not scare me More of an adrenaline rush I guess. I wouldn't get that from holding a tarantula for sure.

Never been on a flat ride that scared me I reckon. The Beast at Fantasy Island for example was just mega uncomfortable I thought. So painful on my shoulder. I don't get the fuss.
Mach 5 booster was superb, almost like being on a good coaster. A gravitron/rotor is fun.
I guess with many spinning rides I am more worried about if I'd be sick and draw attention than the ride scare factor itself.
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