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Thorpe Park | Calypso Quay Retheme - Angry Birds Land

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Thorpe have announced they are adding an Angry Birds themed area to the park within the "Calypso Quay" area of the park. (For those too young to remember, CQ is the area where Detonator and Pirates 4D/Side Games currently are). They will be bringing back the use of Pirates 4D theatre and using it for an Angry Birds 4D film.

They will also be adding DODGEMS to the area. YAY, DODGEMS (assuming they might finally get rid of those gross side stalls)

However one thing they mention on the website is that the Angry birds will be 'invading' Detonator...... Take this as you will, however I hope to god they aren't DESTROYING everything Det stands for by DUMPING some birds around the area and slapping a birds nest on top <//3

I hate this choice. I despise it. Especially for Thorpe. I didn't even realise people still played that game?! So outdated.
This also leaves Inferno with literally no purpose other than a random volcano just DUMPED in the park. Gone are the old areas the park used to be amazing for upholding <//3

Anyway, discuss.

link: http://www.thorpepark.com/angrybirdsland/
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