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'The Tampon Video'


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Definitely just HEAVED at this video.

It's gonna be another viral video like 2 girls 1 cup... But it's a girl in her bathroom removing her tampon and sucking on it, in essence 'drinking' herself.

-Inbox me for the link it's so VILE, or just google to find it on facebook-

Please tell me someone else has seen it and if not, go watch it, vomit, then post your views here cause it's PEWTCH. She's actually disgASTAN.

I don't understand why people do these things for attention....


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Still haven't seen 2 girls 1 cup or any of those other shock videos. Not gonna go out of my way to see this one either. Just don't see the point, frankly.


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Why would anybody want to see something so grotesque? Just no.


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Yo, This her? That's the one I just watched and It's apparently fake. So either the internet is getting less shocking and can't be arsed any more or I'm dumb and gullible.

Edit: dumb and gullible as in it was the first video I found. Maybe lazy is a better word.


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Why does that not suprise me Neal?

Yeah I've seen it. I have a massive feeling it isn't real. You know cause who would do that?

It still made me heave however, how can someone be that foul. It's just, eeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwww. All for a bit of attention. Some people definitely need to learn that attention isn't everything. Bitch be Facebook famous now though and she's loving it.

God I hate those people.


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I've been in a situation where I've had a tampon stuck up my nose 3 times now. They make nose bleeds worse if they're the big ones. Granted having your dad make your nose bleed as bad as possible doesn't help either


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I've seen it. It's disgusting but there's much much worse on the internet so don't see why everyone is making such a fuss. I have a small feeling it may be fake as well.


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Apparently it's food colouring. I got shown it yesterday and didn't think it was that bad tbh. Is that weird? :L lol


I wouldn't go out of my way to watch that fake ****. I could spend time riding Skyrush or watch some dumb fake video that is plain grotesque.


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We were in a pub once where there was a buffet on. For some bizarre reason there was a tampon (still fresh in packet) by our seat. Being drunken knobheads we dipped it one of our mates pints much to our amusement. We then rolled it around the empty platter where the scotch eggs had been and 'breadcrumbed' the tampon. It looked like a huge fish finger, good job it wasn't used, could have smelt like one too.

True story that.


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Tbh I have seen a woman having sex with her dog and then giving it a blowjob, so this didn't really shock me, just made me feel ill.