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Sun World Da Nang Wonders Vietnam | Unknown | 2 Intamin Coasters

Discussion in 'Roller Coaster Construction' started by roomraider, Feb 4, 2018.

  1. roomraider

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    Right this ones going to take some explaining. :)

    First up Sun World Da Nang Wonders is the new name for what was Asia Park. Located in the city of Da Nang in Vietnam this park arrived into the enthusiast consciousness when they bought almost all the old coasters from the failed Hard Rock Park/Freesyle Music Park in the USA. For the purposes of this post I'm going to refer to them using their (better) Hard Rock Park names :)

    Led Zeppelin headed to another Sun World resort in Ha Long Bay while this park installed the mine train and the roller skater first and then after being open for a while went about installing the two Premier ride installations from Hard Rock. The first was the unique ferris wheel coaster Maximum RPM! which the park repainted called Paradise Falls.

    They also installed Slippery When Wet the old Premier Single Rail Coaster (the fact its a Premier is a whole other controversy we wont get into here). and called it Highway Boat.

    As far as anyone can tell the park never got these rides open. Despite a full on electrical reworking of Paradise Falls the rides never ran for the public. In the mean time the park bought, built and opened Queen Cobra a brand new Vekoma SLC. However around March last year it seemed the park had given up and removed both of the Premier rides.
    27781288_10101293485863622_930384623_n.jpg Da Nang Dead 1.JPG

    Quite what became of them I have no idea but by June only footers were left for both of the Premier coasters as can be seen here. (Paradise Falls was bottom left and Highway Boat was halfway between that and Queen Cobra at the back)

    Then word came through that Intamin had been hired to replace both coasters for the 2018 season. And the Intamin Reference list released in January this year pretty much confirmed the park would be receiving a Family Launched Coaster and a Vertical Lift Suspended Coaster.

    Now come the start of February it seems the first Intamin is now in. The Family Launched Coaster has taken the place of Paradise Falls and interestingly uses most of the footers left behind by the Premier ride. The top down layout is essentially identical but with complete changes to the track profile and shaping.
    Asia Intamin2.JPG
    As of yet there is no sign of the Intamin vertical lift suspended coaster but I imagine it will follow a similar plan, Using the old footers of Highway Boat but radically altering the layout. And with Highway Boat there's quite a lot of scope for that.

    Everyone follow that? Any Questions? No? good..... phew.
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  2. Mysterious Sue

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    Thanks for you update as always @roomraider. The forums would be a poorer place without you!
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  3. Pear

    Pear Well-Known Member

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    I wish they didn't have to use the previous footers since they could have made a better layout, but it looks pretty nice for a family coaster.

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