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Some interesting manufacturer graphs..

Discussion in 'General Discussions & Opinions' started by Matthew Fair, Apr 6, 2018.

  1. Matthew Fair

    Matthew Fair New Member

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    upload_2018-4-6_20-37-25.png upload_2018-4-6_20-37-35.png
    Threw these together this evening. Interesting stuff!
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  2. streetmagix

    streetmagix New Member

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    Blue Fire
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    Europa Park
    I'm guessing that massive Vekoma spike is all those Transmat Boomerangs?

    Good to see B&M bouncing back after a few years with low deliveries. I know they've built quite a few rides in China which are still not open which probably alters things.
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  3. Matt N

    Matt N Member

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    I agree! Based off of the 40 roller coasters I've ridden, I'd say that B&M is my favourite manufacturer at present! Another B&M in the world makes the world a better place.

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