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Rank the Intamin Launch Coasters


1) Maverick- Quite easily the top coaster on the list. Incredible layout, airtime, forces, etc. Will hopefully pick up Taron this year which would make things interesting
2) Hagrid's- What a fun and immersive coaster! Definitely didn't expect to rate it so highly, but it's brilliant.
3) Cheetah Hunt- Beautiful coaster with some good airtime and a really fun layout. It would benefit from lap bars and stronger positives however.
4) Storm Runner- I wish it was a longer ride, but what it does is awesome, great launch and top hat and the Flying Snake Dive is incredible.
5) Dragster- 17 seconds is what keeps me from ranking this higher. What it does is great but not nearly good enough to be top 3 on this list.
6) Speed Monster- Fun launch and the Norwegian loop is incredible. The rest of the layout left some things to be desired but it does its job.
7) Kingda Ka- Dragster + some roughness, OTSRs, and a slower top hat
8) Possessed- Enjoyed this more due to the straight spike at the back
9) Wicked Twister- Fun, but it doesn't do much

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1) Maverick - Amazing launch, extraordinarily snappy Stengel Dives and very good airtime. Brilliant all-round experience!
2) Taron - Superb scenery, a few slow moments in the first half, some very good airtime and so. much. SNAPPP!
3) Steel Dolphin - Not very intense, not very powerful launches, but very dynamic! It feels a bit like an RMC, with little G+ but wonky lats and very good airtime.
4) Soaring with Dragon - Fantastic weightlessness up the backwards spike, incredible sustained airtime during the Non-Inverting Loop. The second half's turns are somewhat underwhelming.
5) Top Thrill Dragster - The best mix of speed, snappy launch and good restraints from my experience with Accelerators.

6) Xcelerator - Not as fast, but the launch snaps more.
7) Yukon Quad - The second-half is surprisingly dynamic for a family ride! My pick for the overlooked ride of the list.
8) Kingda Ka - Rattles if you're anywhere besides the front. The speed still is breathtaking.
9) Stealth - Great launch, but the OTSR really affect my experience
10) Superman Escape from Krypton - Surprisingly good launch, but the layout is even more limited than Ka/TTD.

11) Rita - Desert Race with better immersion
12) Desert Race - Very forgettable layout, the launch is the only redeemable feature
13) RC Racer - Dull launches, but at least it's smooth
14) Wicked Twister - Surprisingly great launch, but found the actual ride dull and rattly

The main conclusion from this list for me is that great launches don't make for my favourite rides..
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I've only done like 4.

1. Taron - Amazing. My number 1 coaster.
2. Stealth - Great fun
3. Rita - Pretty decent, next to Icon I'd probably still prefer to ride this as the launch is far more intense.
4. RC Racer, Disneyland Paris - Extremely short cycle. A bit disappointing as much of Toy Story Playland is to be honest. Still, since it is Intamin probably more intense than it would have been from any other manufacturer I reckon.

Obvious order probably. :p
Was supposed to be doing Kingda Ka, Storm Runner and possibly Pantheon in June. :(
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Pissed old hack baffled by new technology here. Where can I get a list of these coasters?
RCDB is useful for this sort of thing.
That's all the Intamin launched models I can think of off the top of my head; I sincerely apologise if I've forgotten one!

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RCDB is useful for this sort of thing.
That's all the Intamin launched models I can think of off the top of my head; I sincerely apologise if I've forgotten one!

Atlantis Adventure says hi.

Otherwise, nice job!


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So I've voted for Taron as it's my number one but for launch alone probably top thrill?
General order for things:

Top Thrill Dragster
Storm Runner
Kingda Ka
Red Force
Cheetah Hunt (really like this cred though, think it's underrated)
Desert Race/Rita/Stealth
Furius Baco
Impulses? Not sure they fit with the list but they're decent for what they are)

Re-doing this because I didn't include Juvelen or Tornado and also to edit.

Top Thrill Dragster
Storm Runner
Kingda Ka
Red Force
Cheetah Hunt
Rita/Desert Race
Impulses (Wicked Twister, Posessed, Vertical Velocity)
Furius Baco
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RCDB is useful for this sort of thing.
That's all the Intamin launched models I can think of off the top of my head; I sincerely apologise if I've forgotten one!
Nice list! That reminds me of another one.

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I saw Howie's recent post about TTD v. Kingda Ka v. Red Force, and I was like, wait a minute, isn't there another Intamin launch thread. And, alas, here it is! Very different from Howie's but worthwhile nonetheless. I haven't posted in here in quite a while (since early 2019). While I wish I had more to update, there are still some pretty notable changes. I'll bold the few additions since then.

  1. Taron - Easy winner here. Truly one of the most excellent coasters I've ever experienced. Theming and thrills?!? Exactly my kinda ride.
  2. Maverick - Probably doesn't need much explanation. The snappy transitions and general uniqueness of this stand out 13 years on.
  3. Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts - Does this count? It probably shouldn't, but it's an Intamin with a launch. That pretty much fits all the criteria. Anyway, one of the best themed experiences at any park. The coaster itself is pretty fun, but it's the experience beforehand that really places it this high for me.
  4. Top Thrill Dragster - What a rush! Probably the most exciting coaster ever on a second to second basis: from launch to brakes. But that's almost because it's as short as it is. Still, airtime at 420 feet?!?!? Yas please.
  5. Storm Runner - A very underrated ride. Didn't need to do much more than go up the top hat and back down, like most other Intamin accelerators at the time. However, Hershey and Intamin went the extra mile and added an insanely fun layout that really makes this a notable coaster of its kind.
  6. Xcelerator - Probably my favorite launch, apart from TTD. Something about launching straight out of the station and into that "seems way too short" launch track is so exciting. Had some great rides on this in February 2017 where I didn't even need to get out of my seat. To quote Squidward, "good times, good times."
  7. Kingda Ka - Everyone is so hard on Kingda Ka, but it's a damn good coaster. Sure, does it pale in comparison to Dragster? Yes. Does it have extraneous and irritating restraints? Yes. Is it too rough for its own good? Definitely. But, c'mon, it goes really, really fast and really, really high up. Seriously though, I think that its launch, while not as smooth as TTD's, is the most exciting on this list. That insane rattle going that fast, really shakes your brain up but in a good way. Sure, it's not looking its best since, ya know, Six Flags, but it's easily one of the best coasters at my home park. And that's gotta count for something!
  8. Volcano: the Blast Coaster - RIP. That launch, turnaround, boost, and inverted top hat has got to be one of Intamin's finest moments of the 1990s. I do think the rest of the layout was a tad uninspired, but I can't knock it many points since its layout was what made it so appealing to the GP. Plus, with the way it sat on that Volcano, it had such an intimidating presence, even with an actual Intimidator just around the corner.
  9. Furius Baco - Everyone seems to either love or hate Baco. I'm pretty squarely in the middle, leaning toward love. It's rough and pretty unpleasant in places, but it's got one of Intamin's best launches and a dip after said launch. I really love how low to the ground it stays, even if it doesn't end up paying off like it does on Maverick or even Taron.
  10. California Screamin' - Haven't ridden Incredicoaster, but I'd imagine it wouldn't change my mind much on this coaster. I probably respect this coaster more than enjoy it. I'm constantly amazed by how Disney designs their coasters. I mean the throughput on this! They move people through. It's not the most exciting ride of its kind, but I love the old school wooden coaster look and especially the soundtrack they made for it. Plus, I love(d) the name sooo much. If only to shout out Wong Kar-Wai and his love of California Dreamin'. Check out Chungking Express and count how many times it's played. (it's a lot)
  11. Stealth - Maybe if I'd gotten another ride I'd feel different, but it gets stuck in this list as not notable to me. Got one ride, front row. Great launch, bad restraints, really about as middle of the road as you can get with this kinda ride.
  12. Cheetah Hunt - This coaster is so close to being worthwhile. Just a few layout tweaks and it could've been a great Blitz. As it is now, it's somewhere between family and thrill coaster and not in a good way. Maybe I need to reride it (it has been 6 years after all), but, even in my early enthusiast days, I left unimpressed.
  13. Wicked Twister - Intamin impulses are a mixed bag for me. They're great for what they are, but they really are one trick ponies. I guess that about half this list is though so, hard to judge it on that merit.
  14. Superman: Escape from Krypton - I like to rag on this coaster, especially since I spent an hour in line waiting for it (even though it wasn't even stretched out past the entrance). But, it is fun in its own right. The launch is weak but the weightless effect on the ramp(?) is a lot of fun. Oh God but that capacity.
  15. Timmy's Half Pipe Havoc - My first half pipe was a good time. I like spinning coasters but do get dizzy after a ride or two, which made my evening at Nickelodeon Universe at times challenging. However, I can see the novelty here and appreciate it. Plus, those lap bars were sooo comfy. Props on that Intamin.


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As you may gather, these are far from being my favourite coaster types, but as this evening's dragging...
I've also not ridden a number of these in some considerable time, hence the year in brackets - but here are the Intamins on my list which feature a launch.

1) iSpeed (2009)
2) Taron (2016)
3) Tornado (2013)
4) Speed Monster (2019)
5) Red Force (2017)
6) Superman Escape (2018)
7) Jet Rescue (2018)
8) Tower of Terror II (2018)
9) Stealth (Uncertain, but was last at Thorpe in 2015?)
10) Juvelen (2013)
11) RC Racer (2012)
12) Desert Race (2009)
13) Mick Doohan's Motocoaster (2018)
14) Kanonen (2016)
15) Rita (Not actually sure. I generally skip it)
16) Furius Baco (2017)
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Right, here goes mine.

1/ Taron
2/ Top Thrill Dragster
3/ Maverick
4/ Stealth
5/ Furious Baco
6/ Red Force
7/ Wicked Twister
8/ Kanonen
9/ RC Racer DLRP
10/ Rita