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Discovered my game disc today omnom.

Started a small project, haven't been able to spend much time on it but heeeeey.

Here's my first little area:

With a Chute:

With a mine train:

However I feel the mountain looks nicer without anything?:

Anyway. Yeah, I'm gonna be getting back to grips with RCT2 so will update in here.


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I would go with the mine train if you really want a ride in there. Just looks better imo.

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Mine train ftw.. I'd personally have more interaction with the mountain tbh.


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Oh obs haha. I want loads of mine train interaction with the mountain. I was just playing around with different ride typessss.

Gonna need a to play around with the mountaiinnnnn


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I think you should work with the mine train design, because the mountain is fab and such <3 The coaster is good too, but like Snoo said, a bit more interaction and it will be FIERCE ;)