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Novel Comp Idea (Maybe!)

Discussion in 'Competitions' started by SFOGRICH, Dec 29, 2017.


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    Since I haven’t followed the comp threads in a while, I don’t know if this idea has already been tried or not. I was wondering how much enthusiasm there might be for a comp in which you download the file and get an already-built coaster, which would probably be a “first” itself. The story behind it is that it’s an old-style woodie that’s been SBNO for several years. The park is planning to demolish it unless you, as an RMC designer, can do something with it. You can add inversions, beyond-90-degree turns, ejector airtime hills, etc. You can keep the chain lift it had in the past or give it a Lightning Rod-type launch if you want to. The supports are already in place, so you’d just have to modify them for any changes you make to the track. Maybe you could clear them all out and re-Auto Support the ride once your design is finished, but you’d have to modify them for anything that couldn’t have been done on a wooden coaster prior to RMC being on the scene. Either way, you’d probably have about the same amount of support work as you would on another type of coaster you’d normally be building from the ground up. I don’t think they gave us RMC-type trains in NL 2.0, so we’d just have to let one of the current types in the program act in that role.

    The reason I was thinking about all this in the first place is because I wonder if many coasters that have met the wrecking ball (Son of Beast, Rolling Thunder and maybe even some old John C. Allen creations, to name a few) could have been given a new lease on life if RMC had been around sooner.

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