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GhosterForce XII Trip Reports

Discussion in 'CoasterForce Live' started by Nic, Oct 26, 2015.

  1. Nic

    Nic Well-Known Member

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    Tokyo DisneySEA
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    Tell us all about your weekend! What were your highlights and lowlights? What was your favourite in-joke? What was your favourite chinese whisper and/or surname rhyme? How many glowsticks did you manage to cover yourself with at CWoA?
  2. Mushroom

    Mushroom Goon of the Year 2016 CF Award Winner 2016

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    Expedition GeForce
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    Depends really
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    Sad I missed it this year* =(
  3. nealbie

    nealbie Well-Known Member

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    Same. It would seem I don't rank glowsticks as highly as Formula 1 (or my mother's birthday).

    The picture of Stone Cold dressed up as Biff dressed up as the Prof was my favourite! <3
  4. Serena

    Serena Miss CoasterForce 2016 Staff Member Social Media Team CF Award Winner 2016

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    Ghosterforce was a fab weekend as always <3

    Totally not fussed by Thorpe or Chessington as parks anymore, but it's worth it just for all the laughs and fun. Many a good goon song was sang:

    "It's just, just, a little Rush...Rush, not like I faint every time we touch..."

    "Young goon! There's many creds to be had, I said, young goon - ride with your mum and your dad! At the C.W.O.A. is fun to stay at the C.W.O.A."

    And singing the name of the cred to it's theme tune:

    "Vaaampire! Vaammpire! Vaampiire!" "'s got 10 hoops! It's got 10 hoops!" and "Nemenemenemesis, nemesis, nemesis, nemenemenemesis Ooooblvion!" (To the theme of In The Hall of the Mountain King)

    I really enjoyed the Surname rhyming game. "Sue's not Shaw, but Jordan Wood" - I'm still giggling over that one now! When Ian doesn't wash for a week, he's Ian Smell. When Andy goes to Fright Night, he's Andrew Haunton. There were so many good ones I can't remember them all!

    It felt weird not staying at Tolworth - felt like something was missing. I just love getting a greasy pizza and giggling the night away in those stained, mucky walls.

    This year I fashioned my glow sticks into a business-like tie and spectacles. Sue's all over glow-ghost was the most impressive! Ian pointed at some children who were jealously eyeing up our glowsticks and muttered "No- sticks" hahaha!

    I got co-coerced into doing Brave It Alone - the extreme maze, sorry..labyrinth, experience at Thorpe Park. Me and Ben treated Jordan Wood to a surprise ticket for his birthday as well, seen as he gets so scared in horror attractions. We figured he'd love this! I won't give anything away on here as that would ruin the fun, but it is very extreme! This is the state I was in afterwards:


    Thorpe's other mazes were even worse than they were on the preview night. It really is Fright :emoji_zipper_mouth: this year.

    We did the new Chessington scare zone, Something Curse of Something Tomb? It was quite fab. The costumes were very good and at least it had a decent plot.

    Fave Chinese Whisper was "How much loot would a loot crate create, if a loot crate could create loot?"

    STOP PRESS! For the first time ever, I didn't win a Thirteen mug in the Faffle! There wasn't even a Thirteen mug to be won this year...shock! I won a fab Liseberg strawberry scented bath set. Can't wait to use it in the Lisebath.

    I was irked that I didn't place in the costume competition, when I had gone to such effort to tape a bit of toilet roll to my hat! I went as R2D2:


    There were some great costumes this year, it was nice for there to be a real sense of competition for once!

    I returned home and fell asleep by the light of a pile of glowsticks, and woke with a face that ached from smiling so much. Thanks to Jordan for the Fast Passes, was amazing not to have to wait in the massive queues for most rides and mazes! Here's to the end of another splendid season with CF <3
  5. jayjay

    jayjay Well-Known Member

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    Kärnan (Hansa Park)
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    Great weekend as usual! Thanks goes to Ian for organising, Nic for saving me some hotel expense and everyone else for being there.

    I feel like Thorpe wasn't quite as busy as it has been in the past. I turned up for park opening, getting in rides on Inferno, Stealth and Detonator. I found Nic in the Stealth queue and we teamed up with Rebel and MouseAT before the meetup.

    It was nice to see a couple of new faces this weekend (including Chris, who isn't really new, but I haven't met yet). Also, the quality of costumes this year was on top form! Jordan as Rimmer was perfect (especially with the goon badges), but Richard as Doc Brown being constantly misidentified as Einstein or Frankenstein was my costume-related highlight of the day.

    Rides-wise, we managed to get most things done, with the exception of Colossus, since it decided to break while we were queueing. Stealth is still amazing and Detonator still blows me away!

    After staying the night at Leatherhead Travelodge with Nic and enjoying a Spoons brunch, we headed on up to Chessington, backed by the Toverland soundtrack CD. Troy, we may not have, but Chessington is always the more relaxed and fun of the two days, and this year was no exception. A couple of spites: Rattlesnake broke while we were halfway through the queue and Tomb Blaster was down for half the season. We managed pretty much everything, including Zufari, which I hadn't done before. It's fun enough I guess but I'm not sure why it absolutely needs the story-line if it's going to be treated that weakly.

    In the faffle, I won a Happy Valley jigsaw/model thing. It's totally fab!


    The Dragon's Fury queue was great fun with chinese whispers going back and forth. People at the ends weren't sure whether they should be shouting the end result down the queue at a family-friendly theme park. Of course, this was topped off by Dragon's Fury itself, which is still one of my favourite rides in the UK.

    We finished off the day with Vampire, managing to dive through the entrance just in time for closing. It still amazes me that I've been to Chessington five or six times, but never ridden Vampire during the day. I'm still lukewarm on Vampire, but it wouldn't be Ghosterforce without it!
  6. Rachel

    Rachel Well-Known Member

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    Europa Park
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    Let me start by thanking Ian for arranging another fab day, it was great catching up with everyone and seeing some new faces. This year I only attended the Chessington Day of GF. Chessie has always been a park I’ve had a soft spot for, I had never visited at Halloween before so was looking forward to it. I’ll try and keep it short and just list some of my fave moments…

    - Winning a Vekoma hat in the faffle which kept my hair and bum dry on Dragon Falls and Bubble Works
    - The glow sticks <3
    - The collective groan that was let out by the group when Vampire displayed a queue time of 120 minutes
    - The scare maze which was actually really good. It may have been family friendly but it had a great storyline and the actors were really creepy
    - Chinese whispers
    - Recruiting future goons in the Dragons Fury queue line
    - Getting a good spin on Dragons Fury
    - Ending my season with a front row night ride on Vampire, something which i've never ridden in the dark before. It would have been so cool to see how we all looked on the ride with the glow sticks.

    Thank you everyone for a great and relaxed day, was a brilliant way to end what's been a fantastic season for me. Bring on next year! :--D

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