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Fantawild | Ganzhou China | Theme Park

Discussion in 'Park Construction' started by roomraider, Feb 27, 2018.

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    Another week another new Fantawild. The park is your standard setup for a Fantawild park but it has an interesting Vekoma LSM launched coaster to boot.
    Heres some concept art.
    Concept Art for new launched coaster shows a clone of S&S coaster at Happy Valley Beijing but it was recently announced this will be a Vekoma Top Gun LSM coaster. A design similar to the Firestorm we are seeing in Vietnam and Hainan but smaller and with another cracking layout.

    Early concept art also shows a Boomerang although its been announced a Junior Boomerang will be here instead. Ganzhou3.jpg

    More concept art.

    Proper construction begins in March. Currently its just some dirt. Ganzhou5.jpg Ganzhou6.jpg
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