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I am sad that one of my favorites of the park has to go, but the Efteling did need a real kiddy coaster, and buidling two at the same time is great for capacity! personnally I the concept was made "quick" because, how I understood it their first intention was to keep the BOB and not replace it at all. hoping for some more theming and a somewhat larger layout in the final build. But hey we will see :)


It's a little frustrating as I missed Bob by a week, may have to go back next year if it's running reliably.

At least Efteling have gone about it the right way, giving people the chance to ride it a last time rather than demolishing it on the quiet... not that I'm looking at any UK parks in particular...


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I'm going to Efteling next January for my first time and if I have luck (hope so), I will ride Bob!
It would be my first credit that is removed after I rode it:(


Even though these are going to be +2, I am hardly excited. The park themselves said that the coaster wouldn't focus on racing/dueling the coaster although they said they bought to separate powered coasters for the sake of capacity. I think they have just missed an opportunity to have yet another great dueling coaster at the park, since they already did a great job with Joris. Why bother buying 2 coasters if you are not going to duel/race them anyway? It seems like a poor choice/lazy design decision.


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I thought the park said that they would have them racing (or at very least, dispatch at the same time)?

Can't find anything either way right now, but I'm sure they said they would race.


It seems like a poor choice/lazy design decision.
Nothing about Efteling's management or investments in the last decade has been poor or lazy, I see no reason to think that it will start now. Based on their track record (Joris, Baron, Symbolica) I fully expect this ride will be deeply thought through and immaculately executed.

Of course, it's just a kiddy cred so not too exciting for us coaster lovers!