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Do you think there are jealous tensions between the major coaster manufactures?

Discussion in 'General Discussions & Opinions' started by chainedbanana, Jun 15, 2017.

  1. chainedbanana

    chainedbanana Well-Known Member

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    Say a new park is being constructed and there is a B&M an intamin, a Vekoma and a Gerstlauer going in, do you think there are any Diva antics going on between the companies such as one company refusing to be onsite if another company is? especially if the coasters have to intertwine in the designs etc.

    Or do you think some companies get funny with park management for going with another manufacturer and not using them for all their coasters?

    Or simply to you think they all work well together and its all pretty harmonious?

    also have there been cases of designers, engineers going from one company to another and taking their designs/technology with them?
  2. gavin

    gavin Administrator Staff Member Administrator Moderator Social Media Team CF Award Winner 2016

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    Tokyo DisneySea
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    B&M used to work for Giovanola, who built rides for Intamin, before they split off on their own, which explains why the old Intamin stand-ups look so similar to the B&M version.

    Gravity Group is made up of enginneers from CCI.

    A huge section of Islands of Adventure came about when a bunch of Disney imagineers walked with their "Beastly Kingdom" plans and went to Universal.

    I'd imagine that among the bigger companies there's an element of friendly competition, but I've got no idea as to whether they would ever end up on site at the same time. It's not like the bosses are there through the whole process. They're always at the trade shows together, and that always seems very amicable, though I guess it would have to be.

    I've always found it quite interesting that Vekoma rides have been going up at Chinese parks - boomerangs at Fantawild parks for example - while a Golden Horse knockoff of their mine train deisgn is being constructed literally right next to it. That must piss them off no end.
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  3. Pink Cadillac

    Pink Cadillac Well-Known Member

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    Yes. I hope they're a jealous bunch of backstabbing bitches, always throwing shade. Just as petty as the Universal Orlando twitter account.

    GCI: *calls intamin*
    Intamin: Hi
    GCI: Hi it's GCI. Y'know I've been at the Happy Valley Chongqing site recently at the same time as B&M? Well I overheard her saying that Red Force was a stain on your resumé!
    Intamin: *gasp* I knew she was a two faced bitch! Wait to til I see her at IAAPA! B&M and vekoma deserve each other with their hideous vest restraints. UGH!
    GCI: Ha! Why what's Vekoma done now?!?!
    Intamin: idk but she's been ignoring me ever since I won the deal with Energylandia.
    GCI: OMG not suprised! Her ego's got way too big recently. All of sudden she thinks she's RMC with these new coaster designs, pretending that the rest of her line-up doesnt ride like utter :emoji_poop:.
    Intamin: Have you made up with Gravity group yet?
    GCI: lol no. I've cut her off. I had the last straw when she told me my designs were "so last decade". Can't wait til Fantawild drop her, then she'll have nobody.
    Intamin: ha! You up to anything this weekend?
    GCI: Not much. Just at Alton Towers working on something new! You wouldn't believe how they're gonna market this thing!
    Intamin: Gurl I can imagine!! I was there in 2010! Ok thanks for calling. Speak soon!
    GCI: Bye!
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