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Disneyworld Exploring Development of River Country Site

Discussion in 'News & Rumours' started by Offical_Pitchnoir, Mar 7, 2018.

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    According to permits filed with the state, Disney is exploring development of the old River Country site. The permits filed seek to get permission from the state for drilling to evaluate the soil conditions at the site.

    Permits such as these indicate the first stages of potential future development.

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    Just to clarify, we're talking about a site on the Disneyworld premises in Florida, or what? More specifically, a site just across a lake next to Magic Kingdom, which is the "main park" of the resort (the one with the castle, at any rate). Magic Kingdom itself does not really border the lake, but a few of the on-site hotels do.

    After all, the chain has a lot of parks out there, and not everybody knows all the place names in them by heart. I added some clarification to the thread title too.
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