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Corkscrew (Flamingo Land) Age


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Right, I know I'm probably being moronic here but this has been bugging me for a while.

On Wikipedia, RCDB and CoasterForce The Corkscrew is documented to have opened in 1983. But on Wikipedia it says Crazy Loop (The parks FIRST EVER rollercoaster) Opened in 1986?

I also seem to remember some time last year Wikipedia saying it opened in 1993. Did anyone ride it the year it opened? Or can anyone at least shed a little light on why there is confusion?

Thank you greatly, CoasterMac

Oh and btw, Here are the pages I've mentioned (Just in case somebody wants to prove me wrong) :)

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flamingo_L ... rk_and_Zoo





Seen as I was born in 92, all this is beyond me. All I can stte is what RCDB says, that it is a relocated coaster. For that reason there's a fair chance 1983 may have been the year the ride opened at its first home, but don't hold me to that. What I would do is ignore the 1993 stated on wikipedia, it's not reliable.

As for crazy loop, the first ride of this model was produced in 1982, so I cannot see Flamingo Land getting a model until 1983/4 at the earliest, so it's probable that the 1986 instalation date is infact correct. (based on the info on RCDB) (yet it says Crazy Loop dates back to 81... im confused)

Best bet would be to ask a manager at Flamingo next time you go or wait for Furie or someone of a similar age to respond.


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Where did you get the "Crazy Loop was the park's first ever looping coaster" information? Is that supposed to be common knowledge (I don't know much about the park)...?

On the Wikipedia page, it says under the previous attractions heading;

Crazy Loop 1986-1995 The parks first ever coaster, was relocated to sister park Pleasure Island.


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Shockwave said:
First vertical looping coaster maybe?
I'd go with that, as RCDB get their facts from good sources, usually from the parks themselves.


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It's not what I'm basing my discussion on, just a factor along with others.

I've made a fair few misjudgments on Wikipedia myself (Woops :)

Cheers for your help guys


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No point looking at Wikipedia, everything on it is wrong, but then again all 9857653928748271564 facts on the internet are. Including that one!


RCDB id probably correct as most of there facts are either from the parks or very well researched.


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Yeah, Sounds right. I guess it's gotta be 1993 or 1983, so if you knew anyone who rode it in the 80's then we'd know! Ill ask around and post anything I find out.


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I should be able to help here. I went to Spanish City (where the Corkscrew came from) back in 1989/1990/1991 (I was either 16 or 17, maybe 18).

I didn't ride any coasters, but I do remember seeing two.

Now, I don't remember it being a Corkscrew - I think being an Alton regular, I'd have recognised it and got excited. However, I don't really remember much apart from it looked quite big.

I may have your answer.
http://www.whitleybaysite.info/gallery/ ... um=9&pos=4

This is marked up as 1984, and I've no reason to disbelieve it. Also, I've found two photos of the Corkscrew:
http://www.fototime.com/ftweb/bin/ft.dl ... fs?userid={07E767B9-6071-47FE-B9B9-DAC9E87A8215}
(You'll have to piece together the enormous URL! :) )
These are marked as 1983.

I can't find any photos of the Corkscrew after this date. As it's a big coaster and photogenic, you'd expect to see lots of photos of it moving into the 90's.

So, all in all, I'd say it looks like it was moved at the end of 1983, but either the photos are slightly misdated, or RCDB is out by a year (not unheard of).


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Wow, thanks a lot! You've really gone to some trouble :) The date for it being moved from Spanish City is ??? so there probably is just a year of confusion.

The only problem is, that long URL you posted was a link to an anti-landfill slideshow? Thanks anyway!


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Having a similar discussion with someone at the minute and found that flamingo lands corkscrew did indeed open in 1990 thanks to their terrible advert



Haha, that's the advert I came across as well when I waa trying to confirm the opening. This topic never came up though otherwise I'd have posted it here.

There's a real lack of photos/maps for Flamingo Land (the theme park half) before 1990.


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If only somebody had an appropriately stored collection of park maps from that era...
Are you being sarcastic and there is ‘an appropriately stored collection of park maps from that era’ available online that I completely missed or what?

Because if there is I would like to see :)

Edit: haha never mind, just saw your topic - if you have any flamingo land ones would you mind sharing for this nerd?!


The best I can do for you is 1998:

The new ride for that year was the Flying Trapeze which previously operated as 4 Man Bob at Towers and is currently rusting away at Loudoun Castle. I hope it finds a new home as it has an interesting history, although it must be in a bad state by now.