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Busch Gardens Williamsburg | Pantheon | Intamin LSM Coaster


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I love the use of the riverbank to expand the feeling of height. Doing an outerbank rather than a normal hill here was a really clever move that shows how much the terrain was considered in the design. It will feel incredible on-ride.
I cannot wait to try this out. The wave turn above the valley on Lightning Rod is immense due to it's size, and this one is so much bigger. Plus it's outwards too. God, I'm buzzing for it!


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Or someone sneaks a drone over the park. ;)
I would never condone such behaviour 😉

This is pretty much the furthest in terms of construction except for Texas Stingray for the major 2020 coasters right? Couldn't see it taking much longer for the rest of the track installation now with the majority being close to the ground.

The big unknown with pantehon will be the technical side of getting the high speed switch track behaving well