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Antinos' 2019 Thread (Sometimes I hate this hobby: Coney Island Cincinnati)


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Did you ride the drop tower and/or sling shot at Barrymore's? Way more fun than either of the two triflin' little coasters! (Spinning coaster seems too much like a flat ride to even count as a cred to me.)
I've never been on a Sunday afternoon but I haven't encountered much in the way of waits beyond the go-karts. The karts truly are King there.


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I did not ride the drop tower, unfortunately, although it did look reasonably thrilling. I wanted in and out of that place as quickly as I could be. I've been there before a few times and it was hardly crowded at all, but I think all the new attractions are helping to draw guests in.


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Shucks, another year for me without the creds here and it's not like it's far. I didn't know they added another one! I'll definitely have to make the trip next year, it's a fun little place. Looks like you are having a solid season so far!


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Sometimes I hate this hobby...

This past weekend, the lady and I trekked down to Cincinnati for her best friend's wedding. I knew early on that I would have a decent amount of free time on my own as she was a bridesmaid and essentially did bridesmaids things the entire weekend. Well, if I'm in Cincinnati, I might as well stop into Kings Island for a few laps on Banshee and Mystic Timbers, right? WRONG! Kings Island was closed the entire weekend as it is currently that phase between regular season operation and Halloween Haunt. Well, ****...that foiled my plan I had since we were originally invited to the wedding. But then lo and behold, Coney Island Cincinnati announces that they're closing the dry side of their park forever at the end of September. Might as well...

Python - It sucked. Everything about it was awful. Although it's a Zyklon/Galaxy model, it's shorter in both height and length than the standard layout and was built by DPV Rides, who I have never heard of before looking it up two seconds ago. The trains were the standard two cars, but the last row was enclosed such that nobody could sit there, and they were bulky, overbuilt, and the headrests actually restricted a lot of motion that ultimately made every drop and brake grab painful. Seriously...burn all of these awful things down.

Giant Slide - might as well get some mileage out of our admission. The slide had three solid moments of floater air that left me giggling. Better than the cred.

Rock-o-plane - This is actually the real tragedy about the park closing. This was my first time trying a rock-o-plane and it was great! The ride moves like a ferris wheel, but each gondola has a clutch which riders can operate. The result is something along the lines of a top spin if you can manage to time your clutch releases properly. I got most of the way through the ride before I was actually worn out from flipping and shaking and just let myself go around naturally. Seriously cool ride though.

Overall thoughts - I never thought I'd actually visit Coney Island Cincinnati but to be completely honest, I did not completely hate it. Because I love to compare parks to others, this place felt like a tiny Martins Fantasy Island with a bit of Knoebels charm thrown in there. The park wasn't crowded by any stretch, and rides felt like they were just haphazardly placed next to the walk way, but the park was actually landscaped and had some buildings with nice architecture. Will I go back for the water park? Nah...but the hour I spent there was tolerable.

As for the wedding, it was a great time! The reception was at the Cincinnati Art Museum which is located up on a hill to the east of downtown and offered a great view of the city, especially at night. They even had part of the galleries opened up for us so we could be sophisticated art connoisseurs between eating, drinking, and dancing. Good fun!

Luckily, I will hate this hobby slightly less in a few short days. The lady and I fly to Oklahoma City on Friday and then we will be off to Dallas Saturday afternoon. I am way too excited to visit Six Flags Over Texas next Sunday.

  • Six Flags over Texas (9/22)
  • Sea World San Antonio (9/27)
  • Six Flags Fiesta Texas (9/27)
  • ZDT's (9/28)
  • Kemah Boardwalk (9/28)
  • Galveston Pier (9/28)
  • Cedar Point (maybe another trip sometime?)
  • Kings Island (October?)
  • Holiday World (October?)
  • Canada's Wonderland (TBD)
  • Six Flags Great America (TBD)