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Announcing: #NOFILTER: a digital experience

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We received a press release and information from pseudonym productions on their new Halloween "thriller" which is unlike anything they've done in the past. You may have seen us post about their past Orland-based haunts like Catharsis, but this is something totally different.

In a way this sort of reminds me of the short-lived "Majestic" interactive game from Electronic Arts (Google it, kids) which I *LOVED* but it was ahead of its time. Curious to see how #NOFILTER plays out because this sounds like it could be a lot of fun!

Read on...
#NOFILTER: a digital experience
A Horrifyingly Satirical, Totally Narcissistic Thriller Starring YOU

Six weeks. Four major cities. Thousands of players. One mystery.

#NOFILTER: a digital experience is a new adventure from pseudonym productions that blurs the line between what's actual and what's imagined. Become part of a wild journey that spans both coasts of the United States – and into the realm of the supernatural – as the experience skewers the ever-declining state of social interactions online.

It's part game, part immersive theater. Play online – anywhere, anytime – with chances to join real life events in major cities nationwide, all intertwined beginning October 2, 2018.

In a digital world plagued by privacy leaks and dominated by fake personas, #NOFILTER asks:
What happens when social media gets even worse?

Enter an alternate timeline in which the United States government has decided to thwart rampant inappropriate use and abuse of social media by regulating it, launching their own mandatory social network that every U.S. citizen must join. They figure, since they already govern the real world, why shouldn't they rule over the digital world too?

Once drafted onto the government-subsidized social network Connections™, players will engage in compulsory tasks including daily wellness routines and mandatory selfie duties, all while taking part in the unpredictable stories of Nolan Stauf (the conflicted creator of Connections™), Taylor Hill (the online yoga instructor-turned-influencer who hides "darker" sides of herself out of fear of being on the losing end of a hate-filled misogynistic Tweetstorm), and Vokorev (the unnaturally charismatic manipulator who is a little too good at bringing out the best – and worst – in everyone).

"This is our chance to satirize the sad state of social networks," said Sarah Elger, president & creative director of pseudonym productions. "Our live productions have successfully connected real people in fun and meaningful ways – which unfortunately is the exact opposite of the direction social media is headed, instead filling our digital lives with addiction, jealousy and hate. With #NOFILTER, we are shining a spotlight on those very horrors, hoping this digital experience will help change that. And, in honor of the Halloween season, we're doing it all in the most absurdly over-the-top ways possible."

Each week, #NOFILTER will shatter personal and digital boundaries by leaping off the screen into the real world for physical "happenings." You never know if or when this real-life video game will reach out to you.

Follow your own story, but know that you're definitely not always in control. Suspend disbelief, play along online, and you may be chosen to join us in person.

One mystery, endless possibilities.

Be yourself. For once.

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#NOFILTER: a digital experience is the newest interactive adventure from pseudonym productions, an experiential design company that aims to redefine interactive entertainment by enticing audiences to push boundaries and question reality.

Advance registration for #NOFILTER is now open at http://nofilter.chat with the full digital experience officially launching on October 2, 2018, continuing through mid-November.

To take part in the story, access starts at just $14 for "Followers" (standard level). "Verified" and "Influencer" upgraded packages are also available that include highly personalized interactions with characters such as real-time video, texting, and phone calls, physical mailings, enhanced in-game status, bonus content, and much more. Space is limited at each play level to ensure every player matters, so interested players are advised to sign up quickly before all available spots are full. Live happenings will take place weekly in select major cities in Florida, California, and New York, with varying additional ticket fees required to attend.

More information about the story, gameplay, pricing, and packages can be found on the pseudonym productions website at http://questionreality.com
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