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    B&M needs some competition on Wing Coaster market

    Also don't forget Intamin still offer the wing coaster Impulse design. Not quite in the same league but they still have the model for sale.
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    B&M needs some competition on Wing Coaster market

    Golden Horse actually have their own model which i believe will show up at Taiyuan Zoo sometime soon. Its got some similarities with the B&M mode but uses GHs double spined track rather than the box track of a B&M.
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    Weird, Wacky & Strange Coaster Bits

    Again this isn't a coaster. In fact it's not even a ride. Perhaps the first bookshop posted to this forum? This is the new Zhongshuge Bookstore at the shopping mall outside the big new Sunac Chengdu Park. And it may be the most impressive book shop I've ever seen.
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    Suzhou Paradise Forest World | Suzhou China | Theme Park

    Terrible image but looks like quite a bit more is up now. Thats a big top hat
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    Energylandia's Future Additions

    Yes and no. I agree the falcons fly layout is a joke but many of the other rides in the artwork were not inaccurate. The GCI wooden coaster seen on the park plan for example was spot on. The Tilt wasn't inaccurate either. In fact if you want more proof that the new gen tilt coasters have a...
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    Major accident on Quimera at La Feria Chapultepec

    I'd wait another year if I were you. ;) It's a good addition to the park. I'm amazed the la Feria showman managed to sell it to be honest. They also sold the other schwartzkopf too but that wasn't in a major accident recently. Now if the people who own thriller could sell that on somewhere that...
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    Energylandia's Future Additions

    Yeah that's a really old concept from not long after Gravity Max opened. The new model of Vekoma Tilt Coaster has a twisted drop which was actually shown off on the SF Saudi Arabia artwork. Although I don't think it's "that" twisted.
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    Small News From The Theme Park Industry

    Not sure if Dragon Fire in Qatar has any trains on site yet either. So maybe there?
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    Fantastic old coaster footage/pics

    Here is 2 rides i had never heard of until recently but look great. This is one of the best pictures I've seen of an old coaster for a long long time. This is the Rockaway Beach Thunderbolt which looks epic. Love that Turnaround. And this one. The Big Dipper at Krug Park in Omaha. Love the...
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    Suzhou Paradise Forest World | Suzhou China | Theme Park

    Another update.
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    Warner Bros Movie World Removing Arkham Asylum?

    Suzhou Amusement Lands is dead as a doornail although its not been removed yet I don't think.
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    Longest walkway to a station you have experienced?

    Between the Northern Line and the Central line at Bank is the longest walk to a station I've ever experienced. Although I feel that's not quite what you mean.
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    Energylandia | Unknown | Vekoma Minetrain | 2021

    Yes. Except its not Energylandia. Its Hard Rock Park I believe and quite an old picture.
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    Small News From The Theme Park Industry

    i Wouldnt be surprised if the name of whoever bought it ends in the Japanese version of "Scrap Lumber Yard"
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    Happy Valley Nanjing | Nanjing China | Theme Park

    I really don't get this image. It appears to be an image of the new Intamin testing that they've then super imposed over Happy Valley Shanghai for some reason. But there you go. Could even be CGI but its hard to tell. Interesting baby support in there.