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Your train station count

Matt N

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Hi guys. I don't know how you all feel about public transport or how often you use it, but with us sharing a hobby like theme parking, I'm guessing that most of us have hopped on the train at some point, whether that's in the UK or abroad. So my question to you today is; what is your train station count, and what stations have you visited? And are there any particularly standout stations, of the ones you've been to?

Personally, I'm a pretty frequent train traveller, as it's my primary means of getting to university. I've got to say, I do rather enjoy the train, and I certainly wouldn't be averse to using Britain's train network to get to more places in the future!

For this, I'm personally going with stations where I've actually spent time off the train as opposed to stations that I've merely travelled through while on the train (my count would be far higher if I counted stations I've travelled through on the train, but not actually spent any non-train time at).

In terms of my actual count; from memory, the stations I've actually spent time off the train at are:
  1. Lydney
  2. Gloucester
  3. Cheltenham Spa
  4. Chepstow
  5. Cardiff Central
  6. Cardiff Queen Street
  7. London Paddington
  8. Bristol Parkway
  9. Bristol Temple Meads
  10. Bath Spa
  11. Birmingham New Street
So that makes my count roughly 11. I could well have forgotten one, though... for clarity, these are all UK stations, as from memory, I've never taken the train abroad...

In terms of any particular standout stations; Lydney, Gloucester and Cheltenham Spa are in a class of their own, as I visit each multiple times a week on my university commute route:
  • Lydney is my local train station, and while it's about as basic as they come, merely consisting of 2 open air platforms with a small shelter on each, it's extremely convenient for me and certainly does the job well!
  • Cheltenham Spa is my university train station, and while it also only has 2 platforms, it's somewhat more extravagant than Lydney, with a bridge over the tracks, a proper building covering the platforms over, ticket barriers, toilets, a small cafe... it's quite posh for a 2-platform station!
  • Gloucester is where I change trains on occasion; most notably on a Friday, where I change there to get home. The GWR train to Weymouth takes me between Cheltenham and Gloucester, and then I have a brief 20 minute wait before boarding the Transport for Wales train to Maesteg to get me between Gloucester and Lydney! In terms of the station itself; it's probably the most extravagant of the stations I visit on a regular basis, with 4 platforms, a footbridge, big shelters over the platforms, toilets, ticket barriers, a big cafe/restaurant, and even a few smaller shops as well!
In terms of any others; Paddington is massive, and has lots of shops and other facilities, and while it's some years since I travelled there, I remember New Street being similar as well. And Chepstow also stands out to me, as my nan & grandad took us on the Lydney to Chepstow train to go for lunch in Chepstow's Wetherspoons during many a day off school when I was younger; we did it for years, and as I wasn't a frequent train traveller at the time, I remember it felt like quite an adventure!

But how many train stations have you visited? And are there any particularly standout stations, of the ones you've visited?


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I DID used to have a count, back when I was a student and relied on the rail network to get me to parks etc. (and a few of us goons had running unfunny-to-everyone-else jokes about the SW line between Waterloo and Staines - @Scarlet ;) ) For that reason, I can most definitely beat 11.

I really dislike Leeds and Clapham Junction because I get lost at them. I LIKE how Westminster tube station looks like something out of Doctor Who (as does a lot of the relatively new section of the Jubilee line) St Pancras is a very impressive station and I have resentments against Euston for reasons I won't bore you with.

Oh - and Preston is annoying because the connection time before the Blackpool train is always bloody ages and there's nothing there.

I've seen a few of my more local stations when I went through a phase of going for a walk then getting the train back - but I've not ventured to Longton as yet :p

Rob Coasters

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1) Byfleet & New Haw (National Rail) Walked into some dodgy fellas here

2) Chafford Hundred (National Rail) Saw a funfair from here

3) Chessington South (National Rail)

4) Edgware (Underground) I like the bakery here

5) Elstree & Borehamwood (National Rail)

6) Embankment (Underground) Merlin Central

7) Euston (National Rail & underground)

8) Green Park (Underground)

9) Havant (National Rail)

10) Hyde Park Corner (Underground) The gates to the heavens

11) Kettering (National Rail)

12) Kings Cross St. Pancras (National Rail & Underground)

13) Leicester Square (Underground) I had burger king for my 16th here, and all hail the Lego Store

14) Paddington (National Rail & Underground) The Honourable FInal Flashbacks

15) Portsmouth & Southsea (National Rail)

16) Skegness (National Rail)

17) St. Albans City (National Rail)

18) Staines (National Rail)

19) Stanmore (Underground)

20) Stevenage (National Rail)

21) Stratford (Underground) Never want to go here again

22) Tamworth (National Rail)

23) Totton (National Rail)

24) Waterloo (Underground)

25) West Ham (Underground) And not here either

26) Windsor & Eton Central (National Rail) There is LITERALLY NO SIGNAGE THAT DIRECTS TOWARDS THIS STATION

27) Windsor & Eton Riverside (National Rail)


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A quick look at Google Maps and I've tallied up the following:

  1. Aberdeen
  2. Inverness
  3. Haymarket
  4. Edinburgh Waverley
  5. Glasgow Central
  6. Lockerbie
  7. Carlisle
  8. Penrith
  9. Windermere
  10. Kendal
  11. Grange-Over-Sands
  12. Barrow
  13. Carnforth
  14. Morecambe
  15. Lancaster
  16. Bentham
  17. Skipton
  18. Bradford Interchange
  19. Leeds
  20. York
  21. Preston
  22. Blackpool North
  23. Blackpool South
  24. Blackpool Pleasure Beach
  25. Chorley
  26. Southport
  27. Warrington Bank Quay
  28. Wigan North Western
  29. Liverpool Central
  30. Liverpool Lime Street
  31. Sheffield
  32. Rotherham Central
  33. Manchester Piccadilly
  34. Manchester Victoria
  35. Manchester Oxford Road
  36. Manchester Airport
  37. Altrincham
  38. Buxton
  39. Crewe
  40. Stoke-on-Trent
  41. Stafford
  42. Uttoxeter
  43. Tamworth
  44. Derby
  45. Leicester
  46. Leicester North
  47. Nottingham
  48. Great Malvern
  49. Birmingham New Street
  50. Birmingham Moor Street
  51. Wolverhampton
  52. Bristol Temple Meads
  53. Bath Spa
  54. Cardiff Central
  55. Cardiff Queen Street
  56. Cathays
  57. Newport
  58. Aberystwyth
  59. Milton Keynes Central
  60. Watford Junction
  61. Hemel Hempstead
  62. Wembley Stadium
  63. London St.Pancras
  64. London Paddington
  65. King’s Cross
  66. London Victoria
  67. London Bridge
  68. Clapham Junction
  69. Uckfield
  70. Brighton
  71. Portsmouth Harbour

Maybe I should become a train station enthusiast.
Only 29 to go for my milestone 100th. Better get my little placard ready for the photo with Ian (or whoever the Ian of that world is).


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As much of a nerd as I am about tracking all of my travel, I don't know why I've never done a better job of keeping track of train stations. Nevertheless, here's my stab. I'm sure I'm missing a few:


1. London Heathrow (I don't remember which one)
2. Victoria
3. Pimlico
4. Vauxhall
5. Westminster
6. Earl's Court
7.Leicester Square
8. Oxford Circus
9. Hyde Park Corner
10. Euston Square
11. St. Pancras
12. King's Cross
13. Embankment
14. Charing Cross
15. Piccadilly Circus
16. Stratford
17. Thornton Heath
18. Gatwick Airport
19. Stoke-on-Trent


20. Brussels Midi


21. Flughafen Munchen
22. Marienplatz


23. Arlanda Sodra
24. Stockholm Central
25. Gamla Stan
26. Skanstull
27. Gothenburg Central


28. Delft
29. Den Haag Centraal
30. Haarlem
31. Zandvoort aan Zee


32. Warszawa Lotnisko Chopina
33. Warszawa Zachodnia
34. Krakow Glowny
35. Katowice


36. Grand Central Station (NYC)
37. 49th St (NYC)
38. WTC Cortlandt (NYC)
39. 72nd St (NYC)
40. Union Station (Chicago)
41. Mount Prospect (Chicago)
42. Montrose (Chicago)
43. Washington/Wells (Chicago)
44. Adams/Wabash (Chicago)
45. Braddock Road (DC)
46. Crystal City (DC)
47. Smithsonian (DC)
48. L'Enfant (DC)
49. Gallery Place/Chinatown (DC)
50. Navy Yard Ballpark (DC)
51. Terminal 1 Lindbergh (Minneapolis)
52. Mall of America


53. Chapultepec
54. Tacubaya
55. Constituyentes


56. Aeroporto-Guarulhos
57. Luz
58. Paraíso
59. Eng. Goulart
60. Estação Tatuapé
61. Chácara Klabin
62. Santo Amaro
63. Estação Autódromo


64. International Airport (Sydney)
65. Circular Quay
66. Wynyard
67. Milsons Point

Of all of those, most are "fine." King's Cross is probably the most impressive. Stockholm Central was pretty as was Krakow Glowny. All of the Dutch stations were pretty good given their size. In the US, Grand Central Station is certainly cool as is Chicago Union Station, though I love the design of all the DC metro stations.
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Likewise, as a sad old git who likes to drink in strange towns.
I don't do foreign travel anymore, but simply by being an old drinker who likes coasters, it is probably near a couple of hundred if we are counting the tube.
The Strawberry Duck pub, near Entwistle Station on the Manchester to Colne line...probably the nicest pub/walk/train combination I have done.
This very Saturday, The Railway, near Pleasington Station...as nice as it sounds!

Nicky Borrill

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I don’t have a count, but since I visited most football grounds in the championship attending every Derby away game for a few years, and my primary means of getting to an away day was train, it would be a lot.

I’ve obviously also done many midlands stations in my youth before I could drive, and travelled much of the underground network exploring London. In fact still to this day whenever we spend a few days in London I park in Stanmore and use the tube to get around.

Have never used a train abroad though, prefer to drive and nowadays, tube aside, the only train I use is Eurotunnel.


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Oh man! I love transit systems and while I've kept track of the systems and lines I've used, I've never thought about actually counting individual stations used haha. But these lists are beautiful ♡

Off the top of my head
Boston, New York, Philly, D.C., Atlanta. New Jersey, Dallas, Tampa, New Orleans, Prague. Budapest, Paris, UK/London, Copenhagen. Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Toronto, Montreal, Barcelona, Spain (Madrid to Seville) and maybe 1 or 2 I'm forgetting haha

Also done Amtrak from Boston to Richmond Virginia and Boston to Portland, Maine
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Oh god. This one would be really hard for me to do. I'm a low key train fan, the passion isn't as insane as my avgeeking but it's still there. I'm more into rolling stock than stations but the station count is certainly also into the hundreds. I have ridden trains in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Canada, Romania, Austria, UK, US, UAE (if you count the light rail and metro), Spain, Italy, Portugal, France and a couple more.

Of the large stations I have visited I prefer Malmö C. It's brilliantly laid out it's super easy to navigate. It also is only one of 2 stations in Sweden with the old style train canopies. Worst one is probably Penn Station. Haven't been after the renovations but before it was dreadful and really confusing. Coolest UK station is probably Edinburgh Waverly. It's incredibly cool to see a huge train station nestled into a canyon like that.

I'm writing this from an SJ3000 (X55) going from Malmö C to Göteborg C. It's a trip I do about every second or third week to go between my parents place (Malmö) and my uni (Gothenburg).
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Oh god, thanks for the idea @Matt N that ended up with me compiling this list of 102 stations that I've visited so far. I'm probably missing a few places where I only transfered, but other than that, this is close to a complete list. To break it down:

Australia (10) :
Sydney Bondi Junction
Sydney Central
Sydney Circular Quay
Sydney Green Square
Sydney Kings Cross
Sydney Milsons Point

Austria (2):

Belgium (16):
De Panne

France (3):
Marne-la-Vallée Chessy
Versailles Chateau

Germany (17):
Bad Canstatt
Bonn Beuel
Bottrop Feldhausen

Netherlands (30):
Amsterdam Arena
Amsterdam Central
Amsterdam RAI
Den Haag
Den Helder
Schiphol Airport

Portugal (3):
Porto Campanha
Porto Sao Bento

Slovenia (7):
Ljubljana Šentvid

Taiwan (12):
Kaohsiung Zuoying
Taichung HSR

In addition to that, I've done metro systems in 15 cities, but there's no way I can manage to list all of those stations:
Hong Kong
Wuppertal (not exactly a metro, but Schwebebahn is too unique to leave it out)

Matt N

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For clarity, I don't keep a tally of train stations (or at least didn't prior to last night), but I just thought it might be a fun one to work out! I remember there being a similar thread on here about airports once, so I thought; why don't I do a train station counting thread?


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Somewhere in an alternate part of the universe, the member Natt M on the RailForce forums is wondering how many different roller coasters the other members have ridden...

Oh the possibilities!
Railforce Lives.
What would a Railforce cred run look like?
Choo-ns instead of goons.
Internationals instead of B&M's, high-speed links instead of RMC's, undergrounds instead of Schwarzkopf's, tin-pot rural stations for the cred whores.
A chin-less Sean Seabrook vlog called Train Stations Worldwide.
Cupcakes and Stations (without the cupcakes).

Ok I'll stop now.

Nicky Borrill

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Oh the possibilities!
Railforce Lives.
What would a Railforce cred run look like?
Choo-ns instead of goons.
Internationals instead of B&M's, high-speed links instead of RMC's, undergrounds instead of Schwarzkopf's, tin-pot rural stations for the cred whores.
A chin-less Sean Seabrook vlog called Train Stations Worldwide.
Cupcakes and Stations (without the cupcakes).

Ok I'll stop now.
He'd love hosting that... Massively into trains isn't he, or am I thinking of somebody else?


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I'd estimate about 75% of tube stations - mostly as a teen with a £2 child travel card and a BMX!

30-50ish around the UK when working away or following Chelsea.