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Rob Coasters

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In July 2022 which has just passed, I gained 14 new creds which is the most I've gained in any singular month. It included my Wales trip and several 'hunting' days for some kiddie coasters.

In second place is August 2021 where I gained 11 coasters, and in third place is June 2018 with ten.

It got me thinking - what month did you gain the most new creds?


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Would've been June 2010 for me - first US roadtrip and picked up 112 new coasters. Can't imagine I'd ever beat that, really, don't have the inclination or stamina for anything like that anymore. Prefer the trips at a slower pace. :p

For parks, it must have been September 2016. I was working in the UAE August>November, and once the temperatures started to drop off I had a couple of weekends where I did all those tiny mall creds across the UAE, Bahrain and Oman. Number of creds was low, but parks was high.

Scott Lannigan

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September 2018 - Florida.
Was my first ever trip abroad specified for Theme Parks.
I got a total of 18 new credits (Universal, Busch, SeaWorld and Disney).


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Both in December 2021 and April 2022 I gained 8 credits, so those would be my most prolific months. But considering these two trips were the two first theme park focused trips, I'm happy with that. Hopefully will break this record in december as I'm planning a trip to visit two or three danish parks.


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June 2018 by a huge margin. Not surprisingly it was on a US road trip, Me n Delly P hitting up 8 major parks (plus random bonus creds) where I racked up a very healthy +79.
That single month was (and still is) higher than any of my other yearly counts so yeah, good month that. 🙂

Matt N

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I think mine is still August 2018, where I gained 14 new credits through first time visits to both Drayton Manor and Blackpool Pleasure Beach within a week of each other.

Although in fairness, April 2022, where I gained 12 new credits within the space of 3 days thanks to my first visit to Europa Park, is also up there.


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That comes round to just under 4 coasters per day. Insane pace, and to include all that driving as well, mad.
Yes, four per day averaged over the month. It was a two week trip. :p

It's working through those Midwest parks where you're having 10+ parks back-to-back, and a 'small' day is +6.


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August 2017 - I got around 45 new coaster credits on an East Coast road trip (Dollywood, Kings Island, Cedar Point, Knoebels, Dorney Park, Kings Dominion and Carowinds). Went from 70 credits to 115 in the span of 8 days.


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I guess that most have been my 2015 USA trip. On that trip I added in 3 weeks the credits of the following parks:

  • SFGAdv
  • SFA
  • Kings Dominion
  • Busch Gardens Williamsburg
  • Dollywood
  • Carowinds
  • Kentucky Kingdom
  • Holiday World
  • Kings Island
  • SFGAm
  • Cedar Point
  • Waldameer
  • Kennywood
  • Knoebels
  • Hersheypark
  • Luna Park NYC
The following I missed on that trip due to thunderstorm/hurricane closure:

  • Indiana Beach
  • Dorney Park


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I just checked my cred sheet, and it turns out I only count the year I ride new creds and not the month. Damn. Something to chuck in when I'm bored one time.

But fortunately I know it is June 2022, with a round 40 creds (America trip + a couple of pier creds in the UK). That's actually more than I'd managed in any other year.


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  • July, 2021 - 43 new creds — Phantasialand (1), Movie Park Germany (8), Walibi Belgium (9), Plopsaland de Panne (6), Bobbejaanland (8), Disneyland Paris (2), Walt Disney Studios Parc (2), Parc Asterix (7)
  • June, 2016 - 12 new creds — Europa Park (12)
  • April, 2022 - 11 new creds — PortAventura (8), Ferrari Land (1), Tibidabo (2)

Only times I've gained 10 or more creds in one month. Hoping to collect at least 25 new creds in a couple of weeks, though.
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June 2018 with 151 new creds on a 3 week US road trip!

Also June 2022 was 107 new creds but probably more coasters ridden overall, with revisits to some of the big parks like Cedar Point and Kings Island.


Matt SR
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Have never tracked accrual of coaster by month/year - but would imagine it being a similar Midwest/Texas run we did in Juneish 2013, picking up 40-50 creds in one trip:
- Six Flags St. Louis
- Six Flags Fiesta Texas
- Silver Dollar City
- Six Flags Over Texas
- Galveston Pier
- Kemah Boardwalk


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- June 2022. 97 creds. Did most of the major east coast parks between Six Flags New England and Busch Gardens Williamsburg. All new to me. Absolutely sensational holiday of 96 creds then I popped into Babylon Park for the Camden cred after work a week later.

- November 2021. 36 creds. A horror maze focused jaunt round Europe featuring my first visit to Plopsa, Bellewaerde, Bobbejaanland, Walibi Belgium, Movie Park Germany plus my first time on Fly.

- Fingers crossed my third highest will be August 2022. 30 creds planned spite dependant. +18 in mainland Denmark and a +12 doing a RobCoasters and mopping up the Wales south coast, Brean and the two temporary London funfairs (thanks for the inspiration, I wouldn't be going hunting for a cred in Croydon tomorrow if not for your trip report last night )