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Your Least Common Opinion?


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^Absolutely agree. Even if it’s nothing official and just the ride op rapidly/casually saying “3-2-1” right as they dispatch. That tiny bit of anticipation adds to the thrill.


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I haven't actually seen someone disagree but I think countdowns and spiels are far better than 'blind' launches/drop tower releases. I also enjoy them happening in the middle of the countdown, but when there's nothing at all it just feels like something is missing.

Even if its an incredibly quick announcement, still it's better than nothing.
I remember a ride operator at Thorpe Park telling us detonator had stopped and maintenance were on the way, and then proceeded to drop us. That was the best one I've had!
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I have a lot of uncommon opinions but i would have to say that my least common opinion is that Iron Gwazi is nowhere near the world's best coaster and I find not only Steel Vengeance better but also maverick and Millennium Force