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Your first, favourite and least favourite coaster in each country/US state you've visited

Matt N

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Hi guys. As I saw that my topic "Your first, favourite and least favourite coaster from each manufacturer" recently got bumped, it gave me the idea to make a similar thread, but for countries instead of manufacturers! Mine will be a bit dull, as I've only been to 2 countries, but I think it could be interesting to see the responses of those of you who've visited more countries. Anyway, I'll get the ball rolling with mine:
United Kingdom
  • First: Runaway Mine Train (Alton Towers)
  • Favourite: Icon (Blackpool Pleasure Beach)
  • Least Favourite: Infusion (Blackpool Pleasure Beach)
USA (Florida)
  • First: Incredible Hulk (Universal's Islands of Adventure)
  • Favourite: Mako (SeaWorld Orlando)
  • Least Favourite: Primeval Whirl (Disney's Animal Kingdom)
I'd be intrigued to see you guys' responses!
P.S. As implied by my post, you can split the USA into states if you wish!


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I know these haven't been active for a while, but similar topics do exist on the forums already. :)

Well, we don't have a topic that would join the three together and we don't have one that focuses on the least favorite coasters (I'll get back here with that once I get hold of my good ol' spreadsheet later this month), though!

Edward M

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Started doing it with least favorite but practically all of them were just the kiddie creds.

United Kingdom- First: Saw
Favorite: Stealth
Netherlands- First: Goliath
Favorite: Untamed
Germany- First: Black Mamba
Favorite: Taron
Sweden- First: Helix
Favorite: Helix
Australia- First and Fav: Wild Mouse
Spain- First: Furius Baco
Favorite: Shambhala
Japan- First: Flounder
Favorite: Kawasemi

Texas- First: Runaway Mine Train
Favorite: Iron Rattler
Tennessee- First: Wild Eagle
Favorite: Lightning Rod
Ohio- First: Maverick
Favorite: Steel Vengeance
New Jersey- First & Fav: El Toro
Georgia- First: Batman
Favorite: Twisted Cyclone
California- First: Big Thunder Mountain
Favorite: X2
Florida- First: Barnstormer
Favorite: Kumba
Virginia- First: Dominator
Favorite: I305
Alabama- First: Cannonball Run
Favorite: Rampage
New York- First and Fav: Cyclone
Missouri- First: Tony Hawk
Favorite: Outlaw Run
Indiana- First: Raven
Favorite: Voyage
Kentucky- First: Lightning Run
Favorite: Storm Chaser
North Carolina- First and Fav: Fury 325
Pennsylvania- First: Laff Trakk
Favorite: Skyrush
Connecticut- First: Phobia Phear Coaster
Favorite: Boulder Dash
Massachusetts- First and Fav: Superman
Arkansas- First: Big Bad John
Favorite: Gauntlet
Arizona - First & Worst: Patriot, Best: Desert Storm
California - First: LEGO Technic Test Track, Best: Twisted Colossus, Worst: Goliath Jr.
Florida - First: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Best: Montu, Worst: Woody Woodpecker's Nuthouse Coaster
Georgia - First: Georgia Cyclone, Best: Mind Bender, Worst: Ninja
Illinois - First & Best: Goliath, Worst: Demon
Indiana - First: Steel Hawg, Best: Voyage, Worst: Howler
Kentucky - First: Lightning Run, Best: Storm Chaser, Worst: Roller Skater
Maryland - First: Sooper Jet, Best: Superman Ride Of Steel, Worst: Mind Eraser
Massachusetts - First: Batman The Dark Knight , Best: Bizarro, Worst: Goliath
Missouri - First: Pandemonium, Best: Outlaw Run, Worst: Grand Exposition Coaster
Nevada - First & Best: El Loco, Worst: Manhattan Express
New Jersey - First & Best: El Toro, Worst: Road Runner Railway
New York - First & Worst: Soarin' Eagle, Best: Cyclone
North Carolina - First & Best: Fury 325, Worst: Ricochet
Ohio - First: Diamondback, Best: Millennium Force, Worst: Rugrat's Runaway Reptar
Oklahoma - First: Steel Lasso, Best: Silver Bullet, Worst: Frankie's Mine Train
Pennsylvania - First: Rollo Coaster, Best: Phantom's Revenge, Worst: Orient Express
Tennessee - First & Best: Lightning Rod, Worst: Mystery Mine
Texas - First: Batman The Ride, Best: New Texas Giant, Worst: Mini Mine Train
Virginia - First: Loch Ness Monster, Best: Twisted Timbers, Worst: Great Pumpkin Coaster
Ontario - First & Best: Leviathan, Worst: Time Warp
Staffordshire - First: Smiler, Best: Nemesis, Worst: Runaway Mine Train


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This one could also take a while...

Australia (15)

First: Spongebob's Boating School Blast @ Sea World
Favourite: DC Rivals Hypercoaster @ Warner Bros. Movie World
Least Favourite: Take your pick @ Dreamworld

Austria (12)

First: Wild Train @ Fantasiana
Favourite: Wild Train @ Fantasiana
Least Favourite: Wilde Maus @ Wiener Prater

Belgium (23)

First: Pulsar @ Walibi Belgium
Favourite: Heidi the Ride @ Plopsaland de Panne
Least Favourite: Cobra @ Walibi Belgium

China (107)

First: Bullet Coaster @ Happy Valley Shenzhen
Favourite: Python in Bamboo Forest @ Wanda Nanchang
Least Favourite: Twister @ Quancheng Euro Park

Denmark (30)

First: Rutschebanan @ Bakken
Favourite: Piraten @ Djurs Sommerland
Least Favourite: Rutschebanan @ Bakken

England (141)

First: Dragon @ Legoland Windsor
Favourite: Icon @ Blackpool Pleasure Beach
Least Favourite: Grand National @ Blackpool Pleasure Beach

France (49)

First: Big Thunder Mountain @ Disneyland Paris
Favourite: Wood Express @ Parc Saint Paul
Least Favourite: Indiana Jones @ DIsneyland Paris

Germany (73)

First: Force One @ Schwaben Park
Favourite: Taron @ Phantasialand
Least Favourite: Huracan @ Belantis

Hong Kong (SAR) (7)

First: Hair Raiser @ Ocean Park
Favourite: Big Grizzly Mountain @ Hong Kong Disneyland
Least Favourite: Dragon @ Ocean Park

Ireland (2)

First: Cú Chulainn @ Tayto Park
Favourite: Cú Chulainn @ Tayto Park
Least Favourite: Ladybird Loop @ Tayto Park

Japan (100)

First: Gao @ Greenland
Favourite: Hakugei @ Nagashima Spa Land
Least Favourite: Mad Mouse @ Fuji-Q Highland

Malaysia (4)

First: Dragon @ Legoland Malaysia
Favourite: Supersonic Odyssey @ Berjaya TImes Square Theme Park
Least Favourite: Dragon's Apprentice @ Legoland Malaysia

Netherlands (25)

First: Robin Hood @ Walibi Holland
Favourite: Joris en der Draak @ Efteling
Least Favourite: El Condor @ Walibi Holland

Norway (5)

First: Thundercoaster @ Tusenfryd
Favourite: Thundercoaster @ Tusenfryd
Least Favourite: Dvergbanan @ Tusenfryd

Singapore (6)

First: Revenge of the Mummy @ Universal Studios Singapore
Favourite: Revenge of the Mummy @ Universal Studios Singapore
Least Favourite: Enchanted Airways @ Universal Studios Singapore

South Korea (21)

First: T Express @ Everland
Favourite: T Express @ Everland
Least Favourite: Tobot Train @ Seoul Land

Spain (20)

First: Tom y Jerry @ Parque Warner Madrid
Favourite: Superman la Fuga @ Parque Warner Madrid
Least Favourite: Vértigo @ Parque de Atracciones de Madrid

Sweden (20)

First: Balder @ Liseberg
Favourite: Helix @ Liseberg
Least Favourite: Insane @ Grona Lund

United Arab Emirates (22)

First: Predator @ IMG Worlds of Adventure
Favourite: Flying Aces @ Ferrari World
Least Favourite: Yolo Works @ FunWorks

United States of America (149)

First: Railblazer @ California's Great America
Favourite: Twisted Colossus @ Six Flags Magic Mountain
Least Favourite: Great American Scream Machine @ Six Flags Over Georgia

Wales (12)

First: Speed @ Oakwood Theme Park
Favourite: Megafobia @ Oakwood Theme Park
Least Favourite: Nessi @ Coney Beach Pleasure Park

I'll do states separate to stop this getting too clogged.


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Right, states.
Not the most interesting after Cali as its a lot of 1 park per place.

California (53)

First: Railblazer @ California's Great America
Favourite: Twisted Colossus @ Six Flags Magic Mountain
Least Favourite: Nah

Virginia (20)

First: Intimidator 305 @ Kings Dominion
Favourite: Twisted Timbers @ Kings Dominion
Least Favourite: Nah

Pennsylvania (12)

First: Skyrush @ Hersheypark
Favourite: Skyrush @ Hersheypark
Least Favourite: Nah

New Jersey (13)

First: El Toro @ Six Flags Great Adventure
Favourite: El Toro @ Six Flags Great Adventure
Least Favourite: Green Lantern @ Six Flags Great Adventure

Massachusetts (10)

First: Great Chase @ Six Flags New England
Favourite: Wicked Cyclone @ Six Flags New England
Least Favourite: Nah

Tennessee (11)

First: Lightning Rod @ Dollywood
Favourite: Lightning Rod @ Dollywood
Least Favourite: Nah

North/South Carolina (13)

First: Copperhead Strike @ Carowinds
Favourite: Copperhead Strike @ Carowinds
Least Favourite: Nah

Georgia (9)

First: Goliath @ Six Flags Over Georgia
Favourite: Twisted Cyclone @ Six Flags Over Georgia
Least Favourite: Great American Scream Machine @ Six Flags Over Georgia

Maryland (8)

First: Great Chase @ Six Flags America
Favourite: Wild One @ Six Flags America
Least Favourite: Nah
United Kingdom:
First: Blue Flyer?
Favorite: Nemesis
Least Favorite: Smiler

First: Untamed
Favorite: Untamed
Least Favorite: Condor

First: Colorado Adventure
Favorite: Expedition Ge Force
Least Favorite: Schweizer Bobbahn

Alex B

Never ridden a coaster outside of us and the only other continent I’ve been to is Oceania and that was Hawaii so for the states
First-el toro
Best-el toro
Least favorite-doo whopper
First-superman the ride
Best-wicked cyclone
Least favorite- riddler revenge
First expedition everest
Best-expedition everest
Least favorite-rock n roller coaster
(Will be doing bgt and swo later this month)
First- raptor
Best-steel vengance
Least favorite-rougarou
First-Woodstock express/wild mouse(at dorney as a 5 yo)
Least favorite (formerly) stinger
New york
First-coney island cyclone
Best-coney island cyclone
Worst-tie soaring eagle/thunderbolt


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Well, this will be straightforward.

First: Nickelodeon Streak @ BPB (back when it was called Rollercoaster)
Favourite: Colossus @ Thorpe (yes, really)
Least favourite: Turbo @ Brighton Pier

Should be able to add Japan next year :)


First: Kålmasken @ Tosselilla
Favorite: Helix @ Liseberg
Least favorite: Kanonen @ Liseberg

First: Karavanen @ Tivoli Gardens
Favorite: Daemonen @ Tivoli Gardens
Least favorite: Tornado @ Bakken

First: Crazy Mine @ Hansa Park
Favorite: Taron @ Phantasialand
Least favorite: Euro-Mir @ Europa Park

US (Florida):
First: Primeval Whirl @ Disney’s Animal Kingdom
Favorite: Expedition Everest @ Disney’s Animal Kingdom
Least favorite: Hollywood Rip, Ride, Rockit @ Universal Studios Florida
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Germany (103)
Eichhörnchenbahn - Freizeitpark Lochmühle
Favorite: Schwur des Kärnan - Hansa Park
Least Favorite: Limit - Heide Park

Switzerland (4)
First: Rodelbahn Pradaschier - Churwalden (Alpine Coaster)
Favorite: Cobra - Connyland
Least Favorite: /

Italy (1)
First: Mammut - Gardaland
Favorite: Mammut - Gardaland
Least Favorite: /

Netherlands (22)
First: Goliath - Walibi Holland
Favorite: Untamed - Walibi Holland
Least Favorite: Condor - Walbi Holland

UK (15)
First: The Smiler - Alton Towers
Favorite: The Smiler & Nemesis - Alton Towers
Least Favorite: Colossus - Thorpe Park

Sweden (15)
First: Lisebergbanan - Liseberg
Favorite: Wildfire - Kolmarden
Least Favorite: Twister - Gröna Lund

Spain (15)
First: Selva Encantada - traveling / Orca - Loro Parque Tenerife - Park
Favorite: Shambhala - Port Aventura
Least Favorite: Stampida - Port Aventura

France (3)
Monster - Walygator Parc
Favorite: Monster - Walygator Parc
Least Favorite: Comet - Walygator Parc

United Arab Emirates (14)
First: Formula Rossa - Ferrari World
Favorite: Formula Rossa / Flying Aces - Ferrari World
Least Favorite: /

Canada (17)
First: Yukon Striker - Canadas Wonderland
Favorite: Leviathan - Canadas Wonderland
Least Favorite: Wild Beast - Canadas Wonderland

USA (106)

Ohio (18)

First: Maverick - Cedar Point
Favorite: Steel Vengeance - Cedar Point
Least Favorite: /

North / South Carolina (13)
First: Fury 325 - Carowinds
Favorite: Fury 325 - Carowinds
Least Favorite: Hurler - Carowinds / Kiddy Hawk - Carowinds

Virginia (10)
First: Twisted Timbers - Kings Dominion
Favorite: Intimidator 305 - Kings Dominion
Least Favorite: Anaconda - Kings Dominion

New Jersey (13)
First: Batman - The Ride - Six Flags GAdv
Favorite: El Toro - Six Flags GAdv
Least Favorite: /

New York (7)
First: Thunderbolt - Coney Island Luna Park
Favorite: Cyclone - Coney Island Luna Park
Least Favorite: /

Pennsylvania (8)
First: Skyrush - Hershey Park
Favorite: Skyrush - Hershey Park
Least Favorite: /

Florida (37)
Mako - Sea World Orlando
Favorite: Manta - Sea World Orlando
Least Favorite: /

"/" means no really least favorite big ride, family / kiddie coasters are not included.
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Well, time for a quick summary then...

Australia (12)

First: Buzzsaw, Dreamworld
Favourite: Wild Mouse, Luna Park
Least Favourite: Tower of Terror II, Dreamworld

Austria (18)

First: Dizzy Mouse, Wiener Prater
Favourite: Rattenmühle, Familypark
Least Favourite: Volare, Wiener Prater

Belgium (27)

First: Vleermuis (right), Plopsaland De Panne
Favourite: Pulsar, Walibi Belgium
Least Favourite: Vleermuis (either side), Plopsaland De Panne

Denmark (4)

First: Orkanens Oje, Tivoli Friheden
Favourite: Orkanens Oje, Tivoli Friheden
Least Favourite: Cobra, Tivoli Friheden

France (5)

First: Space Mountain Mission: 2, Disneyland Paris
Favourite: Rock'n'Rollercoaster, Walt Disney Studios Park
Least Favourite: Indiana Jones et le Temple du Peril, Disneyland Paris

Hong Kong (7)

First: Hair Raiser, Ocean Park
Favourite: Hair Raiser, Ocean Park
Least Favourite: RC, Hong Kong Disneyland

Croatia (2)

First: Family Worm, Family Park
Favourite: Dragon Coaster, Dinopark
Least Favourite: Family Worm, Family Park

Italy (34)

First: Ortobruco Tour, Gardaland
Favourite: Katun, Mirabilandia
Least Favourite: Blue Tornado, Gardaland

Germany (55)

First: Alpenexpress, Europa Park
Favourite: Taron, Phantasialand
Least Favourite: Sky Wheel, Skyline Park

The Netherlands (42)

First: Twistrix, Drievliet
Favourite: Goliath, Walibi Holland
Least Favourite: Condor, Walibi Holland

Slovenia (7)

First: Magic Mouse, Eurolunapark Ljubljana (owned by Buwalda)
Favourite: Batcoster, Lunapark Müller Ljubljana (owned by an unknown Italian showman)
Least Favourite: Space Train, Lunapark Müller Ljubljana (owned by Lunapark Astra)

Spain (22)

First: Roller Coaster, Holiday World
Favourite: Shambhala, PortAventura Park
Least Favourite: La Uve, Feria de Abril Barcelona (owned by an unknown Spanish showman)

Taiwan (18)

First: Flume Ride, E-DA Theme Park
Favourite: Gravity Max, Discovery World
Least Favourite: Flume Ride, E-DA Theme Park

USA, Florida (4)

First: Gwazi (Lion), Busch Gardens Tampa
Favourite: Kumba, Busch Gardens Tampa
Least Favourite: Gwazi (Lion), Busch Gardens Tampa (didn't bother riding the other side, it was probably crap too - that was before I was familar with the concept of creds)

USA, California (18)

First: Giant Dipper, Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk
Favourite: X2, Six Flags Magic Mountain
Least Favourite: Superman: Escape from Krypton, Six Flags Magic Mountain

UAE (15)

First: Formula Rossa, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi
Favourite: Flying Aces, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi
Least Favourite: Yolo Works, FunWorks

UK, England (27)

First: Nickelodeon Streak, Pleasure Beach Blackpool
Favourite: Nemesis, Alton Towers
Least Favourite: Grand National, Pleasure Beach Blackpool


Overall (174)
Thunderbolt @ SFNE
Best: Voyage
Worst: Mean Streak


USA (128)
Thunderbolt @ SFNE
Best: Voyage
Worst: Mean Streak

Norway (5)
Speed Monster
Best: Thundercoaster
Worst: Western Expressen

Sweden (16)
Best: Helix
Worst: Nyckelpigan

China (25)
Starry Sky Ripper
Best: Python in Bamboo Forest
Worst: Monte Carlo

By US State:

MA (14)
Best: Superman The Ride
Worst: Wacky Worm

NH (6)
Canobie Corkscrew
Best: Roar-o-saurus
Worst: Dragon

CT (6)
Best: Boulder Dash
Worst: Little Dipper

TX (3)
Shamu Express
Best: Boardwalk Bullet
Worst: Shamu Express

NJ (11)
Kingda Ka
Best: El Toro
Worst: Green Lantern

PA (31)
Best: Skyrush
Worst: Wild Mouse

OH (32)
Best: Maverick
Worst: Mean Streak

NY (8)
Best: Ride of Steel
Worst: Boomerang

MO (5)
Outlaw Run
Best: Time Traveler
Worst: All are good

KY (6)
Lightning Run
Best: Lightning Run
Worst: Roller Skater

IN (5)
Best: Voyage
Worst: Howler

RI (1)
Dragon Wagon
Best: Dragon Wagon
Worst: Dragon Wagon