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Another day another park in China.
This one was originally announced in 2012. They built the water park a few years back and then it all went quiet. But I stumbled across some park plans recently and checked it out on Google Earth and it seems construction on the actual Theme Park section is now underway.

First up the concept art from way back in 2012
Xuzhou Paradise9.jpg
Xuzhou Paradise4.jpg
Xuzhou Paradise5.jpg
Xuzhou Paradise6.jpg
Xuzhou Paradise7.jpg

Despite the woodie in the art its always worth noting its early concept art and rarely on point (Victory Kingdoms concept art with an Xcellerator clone and final park with a Golden Horse SLC springs to mind). Park technical plans however tend to be a bit more reliable so heres one of those from last year.
Xuzhou Paradise.jpg
Eagle eyed viewers may notice these 2 coasters
Xuzhou Paradise2.jpg
Mack Blue Fire Clone

Xuzhou Paradise3.jpg
A (I assume) Golden Horse inverted coaster. Hopefully the Mk:2

here is the construction site as of the last image last year
Xuzhou Paradise8.jpg

So not a great line up but a Blue Fire clone is way better than the majority of independent(ish) parks (the owners also own the currently relocating Suzhou Amusement Land) out there. If I was going to hit a park on a park run I'd much prefer a Blue Fire to another Heibei Loop Screw :)
These rather creepy looking chaps outside the construction area gate seem pretty happy about it all anyway
Xuzhou Paradise10.jpg
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Oh lovely, another SLC knock-off. I wonder how long it'll take until a Chinese company tries to build a Blue Fire clone...


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Finally some movement



Source: http://www.guoshanchemi.club/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=872&extra=page=1


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That's a mighty long pull out on the boat ride. Nice one!


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A few more construction shots found over at Roller Coaster Masters. Perhaps the main thing to note is the Golden Horse Mine Train is not the standard Vekoma layout we've seen before and is a new custom model. Nice to see them diversifying away from copied layouts more and more.
XP1.png XP2.png XP3.png XP4.png
A couple more coasters are now obvious on a clearer plan for the park as well
A Golden Horse KSC-24B model Tilt Coaster (Same as can be found at Great Xingdong and Suzhou Paradise Forest World)
A Golden Horse ZXC-4D Spinning/Inverting coaster. Again a clone of the one thats popped up quite a lot this last year.

Source - http://www.guoshanchemi.club/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=872


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A small update as construction continues to plod along slowly. A new model Golden Horse SLC is going up along with a pretty standard set of flats now on site.
Xuzhou1.jpg Xuzhou2.jpg Xuzhou3.jpg Xuzhou4.jpg

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I'm more and more intrigued by the evolution of Golden Horse. Custom layouts, moving away from the old Arrow/Vekoma track and so on. We used to brush off and laugh at Chinese 'knock-off' manufacturers, myself included. Juding by Miyapa's mounted POVs the trackwork still noticeably rattles, but who knows how smooth these designed-in-China will be in like 5, 10 years?


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An update from the park shows its moving on quite nicely.
The custom mine train and MK2 SLC from GH are clearly visible.
The footers for the Mack Blue fire appear to be going in and the station (with green roofing) can be seen back left of the first image.
The tilt is currently missing and i cant see any footers which suggest its going in. The small blue building right at the back left could be something to do with it though



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An indeed the Mack Blue Fire clone is indeed finally going up. With Yellow Track and Orange supports, Making it a weird negative image version of the Golden Horse Mk:2 SLC at the front of the park.