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X- VR Headsets


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With VR headsets slowly becoming the 'next big thing' on roller coasters would X at Thorpe Park benefit from this technology? As it could make theme of 'machines taking over' theme work to it's favour with the VR headsets?

Unless that theme is changed, i.e. Galatica with Air.

(unsure if this needs to be in Q&A or General Discussion)


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Yeah, X - No **** ing Way Whatever is the perfect coaster for VR as that thing is otherwise BOOORRRRIIIINNNNGGGG!


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Certainly is one of the most sensible choices for VR treatment out of all the Merlin parks if they wanted to do more conversions. Could be pretty fun if they went back to the computer virus theme too.

Not sure how I'd feel about two VR experiences in the same park though; especially one of Thorpe's size.


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I've been sat thinking about Thorpe's X with VR. Instinctively I was like, well no because of the indoor gimmick - like what's the point if enclosing a coaster only to make guests blind to the dark nature of it? But then, that's my argument about VR on outdoor coasters too, why take away vision from this unique.... Thing. I think VR would be better utilised in general for dark ride style attractions - not NECESSARILY indoor rides, but I guess narrative based is what I mean. Especially ones where the guest interacts with stuff, one where there are variant endings, etc. But even then, I'm not sure I trust implementation by anyone but the industry best at this kind of attraction - Universal, and I believe there is likely a reason they're yet to get one, my guess is capacity issues.

Nowerdays, X's value is that it's got a low height restriction in comparison to the rest of the park, not that it's indoors, or backwards. I would certainty pick X if one of the parks coasters HAD to get VR, but more for preservation of their existing major coaster's throughputs.

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I think it would work for X, they could even use the block brakes again as part of the VR.
Temple of the Night Hawk would be the ideal coaster to get VR though, as it literally is nothing but a strong breeze in the face and a few stars.