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X or Tatsu?

Which would you rather ride - X or Tatsu?

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Hyper Poster
Another of my "which would you rather ride?" polls.
This one I don't think is that stupid.

Which of these would you rather ride if you could ride ONE. (If you hadn't been on either)

X or Tatsu?

My friend thinks Tatsu, because of the pretzel loop and because it's longer, which it's not. (Only 8 feet shorter), but I just want to know what other people think? I'm not too sure myself either.

Even though they're both really unique coasters, I'd still probably go for X, because the first drop looks incredible and both raven turns look great too. Also, there are probably going to be more flyers with a mega pretzel loop installed sometime in the future, than there will 4D coasters.


Mega Poster
Ive only been on X out of these two. And i'd still pick that if i had been on Tatsu. It just doesnt appeal to me.


Mega Poster
tatsu By miles. The biggest and baddest Flyer in the world! X looks ok, but nothing special now that Ejaneika(sp) has been built. The new one (can't be bothered to try to spell again) Has made X (easy enough to spell :p) look completely crap. The 4-d transitions are so much smoother, and...guess what... It's actually open most of the time! :D Imagine that! Tatsu looks smoother, and more rideable...

Thrill Yeti

Roller Poster
I would choose Tatsu. I love the sensation of flight that you get on air, so i can imagine that the sensation on tatsu is far greater with the speed and all.I would also love to experience a pretzel loop. X doesnt apeal to me that much, i think i would probably feel ill afterwards and i dont like the look of the drop. Tatsu gets my vote.


Strata Poster

X is a mechanical nightmare and had a 3hour line when I went, I also heard it was a little rough.


Social Media Team
Social Media Team

It's just, more worthy of a ride. But, Tatsu looks amazing as well.
X, because it would be a completely new experience for me, unlike anything else I've ever been on. And for goodness sakes, look at those wonderous colours. Pretty damn sexy I'd say. Even though I've heard plenty of people complain about the coaster and that it's just a parking lot coaster, I can hardly judge what I think the experience would be like by where the coaster is located, and I don't believe what I hear about it being a crappy coaster.

Tatsu looks like the best Flyer in the world, without a doubt, but I've been on a Flyer (even though Vekoma ones probably don't compare) and it wouldn't be an immensely different experience. It's still a coaster I'd love to ride though.

X just appeals to me more in pretty much every way.


Mega Poster
I would rather ride Tatsu, It just looks awesome, Im not a fan of Arrow coasters at all. (Based on the ones I have ridden)


Hyper Poster
I'd rather ride Tatsu, because it's the biggest and best of it's kind. X isn't.


Strata Poster
I'm not sure to be honest.

X looks like a fab coaster, but the downtime it has is just a JOKE.

Tatsu on the other hand is nearly as fab, but has the reliability, so you might actually get to ride it!

I'm inbetween.


Mega Poster
X for me, looks incredible. The drop just looks like heaven to me. Of course I'd love to do Tatsu too, but just not quite as much. That may change because next year I might get to ride Eejanaika. Which would be awesome :D


The Legend
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Social Media Team
X... 4D's are just something special, even if it is the smaller version. If I ever go to SFMM, the first place I go is X (if its open. :lol:)


Good to be back on the boards :lol:

But I'm going to go with X on this one...I have never experienced anything like X. Tatsu is an amazing ride, but it just doesnt beat X's "intensity".


Hyper Poster
I dont know which I would rather ride. I used to really want to ride X but I dont really care about it anymore.

I love flying coasters because of the flying position and I love when the train goes into the flying position in the station. Tatsu looks amazing with its huge Pretzel loop and it looks quite high.

I think I will go for Tatsu but I if I go to Six Flags Magic Mountain I would probally go to X first because of the long ques it gets.


Strata Poster
Ultimate Coaster said:
If I ever go to SFMM, the first place I go is X (if its open. :D)

Which is a good idea, considering it usually draws in 3-4 hours lines with an absolute crap loading capacity.

At least Tatsu can load people faster than single-digits-per-hour.

True Tatsu can load faster, but it's also the newest ride in the park so the line will be longer ;) Either way the line is long :) when I went both Tatsu and X had 3 hours line.


Hyper Poster
It's easily X.

Tatsu looks better than S:UF, but it isn't on the level that X is. I've been on a flyer, and wasn't wowed, a 4D would most certainly wow me.


Strata Poster
Rich Bacon said:
Sure X is the better of the two, but at least Tatsu can be bothered to be open. :?

You do understand that X is BROKEN right. The lift gearbox thingy went as far as I know...Six Flags are taking their time replacing it but they aren't not bothering to open it...

Anywho.. I'd much prefer to ride X. It looks so much more of a ride experience.


Roller Poster
Same. While I love the feeling of flying you get on Air, and while it would be way cool to actually ride an intense flyer (and that pretzel loop looks...so good), it would have to be X because I've just been in awe of it ever since it was built. It's unlike anything I've ever ridden, so it would have to be X.

Stone Cold

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Ultimate Coaster said:
Shouldn't it be assumed, for the purposes of this poll, that both rides will be open and which would you rather ride?

It's pretty stupid how many people here are judging the ride experience based on how often it's open.....

Amen to that, I assume seeing as how I've somehow ended up in SFMM that it's a fantasy poll, so I'm not imaginging longs queues and stupid downtime. I'm imaginging a 200ft monster prototype that quite possibly is to Eejanaika what the Bat was to Vampire or Top Gun.

Tatsu looks real good, but it's just AIR on a few steroids, it's hardly the hard core druggie that X is. Eejanaika is probably even better, but X still looks class, so X it is.