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Wodan Timbur Coaster or Mystic Timbers?

Wodan or Mystic Timbers?

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Matt N

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Hi guys. Two GCI coasters that I’m increasingly seeing compared with one another are Wodan Timbur Coaster at Europa Park and Mystic Timbers at Kings Island. These two rides may be on different continents and in very different parks, but they are both on the larger side as GCIs go and they both appear to share a very similar layout style; they both focus on rapid, low-to-the-ground transitions, quick airtime pops and fast pacing. So I’d be keen to know; which of these two rides do you prefer? Are you a Wodan fan, or does Mystic Timbers float your boat more?

Personally, I have not done Mystic Timbers, so I can’t decisively comment upon my preference out of the two rides. However, I have done Wodan, and if that’s anything to go by, then I think I’m in for a treat when I eventually get out to ride Mystic Timbers! Wodan is relentless, airtime-filled, and just generally an outstandingly fun ride; it’s my #3, and my current favourite wooden coaster!

But which ride out of this GCI duo do you prefer; Wodan Timbur Coaster or Mystic Timbers?


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Oof. This continues to be a really tight contest for me. I love both rides so much, but my recent rides on Mystic have given it the slight edge. It was good opening year. Then a few years later it was really good.


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Easily Mystic Timbers for me. I think it’s elite. Doubles down on all of the best bits of Wodan.

You can really see those “low-to-the-ground transitions, quick airtime pops and fast pacing” on this POV:



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I think Wodan is fantastic, but I don't have to stretch hard to believe that Mystic could be better. It does appear to have more of what makes Wodan so good - those fast, crazy, low-level darting corners and hills.

Wodan will always win the first drop competition, though. :p


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It's been a good many years since Wodan and I feel like I would have been much easier to please back then, but I distinctly remember it not being 'full on' for the entire layout.
Mystic Timbers is, and the results are incredible.

Also shed.