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Will B&M ever utilise lap bars on inverting coasters?


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So after recently riding Valkyria at Liseberg with the upgraded vest restraints I can’t help but wonder if the vests are even necessary. Is there a reason B&M still use OTSR on all inverting coasters given the amount of manufacturers using just lap bars on newer inverting coasters? The upgraded, non-locking vest restraints are an improvement but I still find them relatively restrictive on the shoulders, comparatively so to the S&S shoulder block restraints if pulled down too far.


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It depends on the coaster. Dive Machines with the holding brake would be quite uncomfortable without having some kind of OTSR, so I understand that, but coasters such as Multi Loopers, Inverts and Wing Riders don't really need them in my opinion.
Unfortunately a lot is decided based on the perceived safety concerns for anything looping, and B&M seem to be behind the curve on the changing opinion on restraints. So maybe, one day.


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As of right now, the Family Invert model is the only one with the Lapbar only restraint. So it is possible, but I doubt we'll be seeing one on any of their major coasters.


Pic from the B&M Website


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They probably already can. Parks just choose not to. Alot of people do place blame on manufacturers when in reality, the limitations can be set with the park building the ride. That being said, that doesn't always mean they have.. but I have a strong feeling given what B&M has put out, that they have that available somewhere. In a lock box. With their 400ft Strata.