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Wild Mouse Brakes

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I'm recreating a spinning wild mouse in Planet Coaster and i don't know if the brakes in between the hairpin turns are block brakes or trims. How many blocks are there besides the station, lift, and final brake run?


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If they are meant to be to get people off in case of evacuation, then they are block brakes, and need catwalks. Otherwise, they are just trim brakes to reduce/control speed.


Not all of the brake sections on a standard wild mouse are block sections. I believe it is one in 3 that are, the others are simply there to control the speed of the train into the hairpins as the whole mouse turn section is on a downward slope. So it’s a combination of them both. This is based on seeing the operating screen at Chessington which shows the block sections on Rattlesnake. Sadly I can’t find a photo online of this display.