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Who's Ready For National Roller Coaster Day?


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I'll spending the day with my parents at Canobie Lake, clearly a park I am a fan of. Although it was unintentional for it to fall on Coaster Day.


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Do parks usually get crowded on that day? I'm going to Kennywood for the first time then and I hear lines can get long on normal days...

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I'm celebrating the day by taking a tour of the new MACK rollercoaster going in at Silver Dollar City. Should be a great event.


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I actually make an effort to do a park on National Roller Coaster Day. 2013 I was at Dollywood, 2014 I was at KI, 2015 was actually during my region trip so I did Dorney and Knoebels both, last year I don't recall having done anything.

This year I'm actually topping all of that! I'll be at the RMC Mean Streak announcement, nothing said National Roller Coaster Day like seeing your favorite manufacturer's biggest scale project to date unveiled to the public!


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I'll be 'celebrating' by working (ie. not going on any rides). Ah well, I'll consider my first trip to KD this weekend as a post celebration :)

Parks do nothing. People don't know about it. It's all a big pile of nothing.
I agree. Except for us enthusiasts, most GP have zero clue.


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Parks do nothing. People don't know about it. It's all a big pile of nothing.

To be fair, we did get a lot of coaster announcements on that day this year. Cedar Point, Kings Dominion, and Knott's Berry Farm all announced big rides. Could be a coincidence that the announcements fell on that date, of course. And even though only a handful of parks among thousands out there dropped big news, their combined magnitude was great enough to thrill coaster enthusiasts all over the web. I'd say there was plenty to be excited for this year, if only for the specific announcements and not the day in general.


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Gotta dredge up this old thread, its this Thursday and it looks like I might be going to King Dominion.
I'm more excited for the announcements around this date though.


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I’ll be at Iowa’s Adventureland. Might try to squeeze in Arnold’s Park the same day, but I’m not sure if that’s a crazy plan.
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