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What's your approach to visiting theme parks?

Your tendencies?

  • I'm a basic bitch and only visit local parks

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • I like to visit various parks within my country/state

    Votes: 7 14.9%
  • I visit parks both home and abroad that take my fancy

    Votes: 28 59.6%
  • I frequently travel to experience as many new parks as possible

    Votes: 11 23.4%
  • I'm a filthy whore who travels purely to add to the coaster count

    Votes: 1 2.1%

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Darren B

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The topic title and poll explain it all.

Edit: Reworded first choice to remove snide remark. - ECG


Credit Whore 2016
I've chosen the third option. I don't feel I travel often enough to warrant the 4th option...not at the moment anyway.

Maybe at the end of 2015 I might feel slightly different, I'm certainly between the two. I'm not the 5th because I want culture in my life too.


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^ Completely the same for me. If I'd be going by any of the first 2, my coaster count wouldn't be much higher than 0. :D


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^^ Yeah, I have the same too. My ambition would be the fourth, but money and time have been in my way the past year. This year should be better though.


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I like to think I'm as ambitious as I can be when it comes to visiting parks. I am a theme park enthusiast over being a coaster enthusiast so when I visit parks I like to try and do everything I can. The only time I ever do a plus one is here in the UK or if something random is on the way/between two parks I'm visiting.


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Considering I haven't gone abroad to go on coasters yet, I have to stick with country. I will never drive 6 hours for a wacky worm, but if I'm near a big park, I'm going.


Captain Basic
Mix between 1 and 3. I'm not able to travel much due to my age, but I do usually take at least 1 vacation to at least 1 new park each year.

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I picked number 4 - I love planning trips around theme parks, but there usually has to be something more interesting than a big apple to include a park.


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Three. I've gone abroad to just do coasters, but usually it's just if I'm in the general area. Living a few minutes from the American border, it's easy to country jump for creds. I've done ones abroad but usually they were CF-Lives and when I was backpacking we only really did what was in the vicinity.


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I'm probably closest to being the third option.

I have done trips in the past (and probably will continue to do so from time to time) focussed entirely on visiting parks, but more and more I'm finding myself seeing what interests me nearby somewhere I might be going, or if there is a cluster of interesting parks together seeing if there is anything 'non-park' nearby.


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I'm in between 2 and 3, though I've only ever done coasters abroad once, so probably 2. I'm mainly stuck within the US.


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3 for me, I'll plan things around larger parks home and abroad but won't go somewhere specifically for a couple of butterflys unless it's en route.


I've gone for option 3 - in reality I don't visit nearly as many parks as i'd like to but I enjoy planning trips to new parks whether they are in the country or abroad.


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I'm somewhere between 2 and 3 but considering how I have creds in both the US and Canada and a UK trip in the works for 2016, I picked the third option. Once I have my college degree all squared away and have gotten my **** together I'll probably be the fourth, though.

Nice normal bell curve we have going on there, though!

Chris Coasters

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Even though the last one does apply I have to go with the third one. Most of the local parks around me are crappy or repetitive so I am always trying to go to new places. Even though the local ones are annoying I still end up going to them some how.


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I chose the 4th option, though the 5th one has been true on a few occasions.

I like to travel and see new places regardless of coasters, but I'll always check out any parks in the area before I make any decisions, and very often will decide which places to visit depending on any available coasters and plan any trips with parks definitely in mind and as a fairly high priority.
I have to travel to ride a decent coaster since I don't have much to deal with here (at least not that I haven't ridden; 3 coasters). But I'll have to go with option 3. When I travel, I always tend to check for nearby creds or parks to check out. I'll hopefully travel for coaster purposes soon, but for now, it's with my coaster hating family. :lol:


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I'd put myself in the "I frequently travel to experience as many new parks as possible" bracket. Most of my recent trips have been purely for the parks, but as I'm getting older I'm enjoying a bit of culture and planning my holidays around me and if there's a theme park nearby, I'm sure I won't be able to resist visiting.