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What park's best ride isn't a coaster?

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What park's best ride is not a coaster?

-Adventure Island (Time Machine)
-Brighton Pier (Booster)
-Funland Hayling Island (Super Cyclone)
-Funland Weston-Super-Mare (Airmaxx)
-Harbour Park Amusements (Whirlpool Waltzer)
-Legoland Windsor (Flight of the Sky Lion)
Paultons Park (Cyclonator)
-Southport Pleasureland (Extreme)
-Wicksteed Park (Water Chute)

What're yours?


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Glenwood Caverns.
You don't even go there for the creds, you go there for the Giant Canyon Swing and the Haunted Mine Drop.


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Good topic.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios (pick something)
Disney’s Animal Kingdom (Flight of Passage)
Disneyland (Splash Mountain)
Gröna Lund (Ikaros)
Lake Winnie (Boat Chute, Oh-Zone!)
Legoland Florida (Ninjago)
Skyline Park (Nautic Jets)


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I'll go with "best" to mean "favourite". And I'll just run through all cases I can think of from the parks I've visited...

BellewaerdeJungle Mission
BobbejaanlandIndiana River
Dennlys ParcDenno Bumpers
Drayton ManorApocalypse
HellendoornDiscovery Club
Legoland WindsorNinjago: The Ride
Parc Saint PaulLes Télépheriques*
Plopsa CooBobsleigh
Walibi BelgiumPopcorn Revenge**
Wicksteed ParkThe Chute

*This definitely isn't a cred, regardless of what some people say
**Haven't done Kondaa. And it's close between this and Pulsar tbf


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Wild Adventures - Tasmanian River Rapids. The only Hafema rapids in North America, and in a park full of cloned coasters, this was an unexpected and enjoyable surprise. It also had the longest line in the park by far - all of the coasters were a station wait while Tasmanian River Rapids had a 30-40 minute queue.


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Moved to General Discussion. The way I see it, threads are fit for the Polls section if they ask you to pick between a limited set of distinct options. More open-ended questions go in General Discussion.

Oh, and Legoland Billund is one for me. Its best coaster is quite far down the list of its top attractions, below even the gift shop.


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In reverse order of when I rode them:

Efteling - Symbolica
WDW Animal Kingdom - Flight of Passage (Haven't done everest)
WDW Hollywood Studios - ROTR or TOT
Grona Lund - Ikaros
Tokyo DisneySea - The Indiana Jones ride, I don't remember the name
Ferrari Land - Flying Dreams


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Let's see...

Gröna Lund - Fritt Fall
Efteling - Droomvlucht or Fata Morgana
Tivoli Gardens - Vertigo (rip)
Linnanmäki - Kieppi or the funhouse (haven't done Taiga)
Hellendoorn - Shooting dark ride
Tivoli Friheden - Pegasus
Fraispertuis - drop tower
Movie Park Germany - the rapids (haven't done Star Trek)


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Good shout on Vertigo - only thing at Tivoli that was worth riding more than once.

Surprised nobody's said Valhalla at Blackpool yet, so I'm going to. And yes, Apocalypse at DM, Tower of Terror at DLP and a few other drop towers are good shouts.


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Good shout on Vertigo - only thing at Tivoli that was worth riding more than once.

Surprised nobody's said Valhalla at Blackpool yet, so I'm going to. And yes, Apocalypse at DM, Tower of Terror at DLP and a few other drop towers are good shouts.
Oh damn, I forgot about Valhalla. That is by far the best ride in BPB indeed.


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Tokyo Disneysea - Journey to the Centre of the Earth!
Shanghai Disneyland - POTC
Disneyland - Indy
Moviepark Germany - Mystery River/Excalibur or Area 51

Posthumous mention to Chessington in the mid to late 90's when Rameses Revenge was a headlining flat!
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Ones that I don’t think have been mentioned yet:

Nickelodeon Universe (Log Chute)
Wiener Prater (Schwarze Mamba)
Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi (Batman: Knight Flight)
Walt Disney Studios Paris (Tower of Terror)
Movieland Park Italy (Kitt Superjet)
Disney’s California Adventure (Grizzly River Run)
Islands of Adventure (Ripsaw Falls) - not ridden Velocicoaster or Hagrid’s


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Going through what I've done, these ones stood out the most:
  • Movieland Park (it's been an absolute eternity since I've last been there (they still had a powered Pinfari as their sole cred), but Magma was great fun on both our visits)
  • Universal Studios Hollywood (Revenge of the Mummy is a decent coaster, but Studios Tour was without a doubt the highlight of the park)
  • Wiener Prater (Schwarze Mamba and Hotel Psycho are leagues above any of their current coaster line-up)
  • Tivoli Friheden (Pegasus was one of my favorite flat rides back then, but even its replacement looks better than whatever else they have - mind you I haven't done the SCAD tower, so that probably takes the cake)
  • Avonturenpark Hellendoorn (Discovery Club is great fun, the coasters very much aren't)
  • Tibidabo (Muntanya Russa is great, but the real star is Hotel Krüeger here; Avio was down on my visit)
  • Bobbejaanland (speaking strictly pre-Fury, as I'm yet to do that, Indiana River was better than any of the coasters they had on offer)
  • Dreamworld (all of what they had pre-Steel Taipan was crap, so any of the Giant Drop, Tail Spin or Pandamonium would do here)
  • Isla Magica (an SLC and a custom Wacky Worm-ish coaster are easily outshined by the water rides they have there; also their drop tower (El Desafio) gave nice views of Sevilla, which was always a nice bonus)
  • Skyline Park (some very decent flats, but a very poor coaster selection - hopefully the new Gerstlauer Hyper will change that)
  • Gulliverlandia (this one is gone now, but the log flume (Vulcano Rapids) was pretty decent for such a small park - I think both the kiddie cred and the flume have now been relocated to a park in Hungary, but the log flume lost all of its theming and looks kinda crap now)
  • Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village (Gold Mine Adventure is fab and none of the coasters are particular stand-outs)
  • Farglory Ocean Park (one of the best log flumes in the world (Pirate Log Flume) vs a stock model Roller Skater is not exactly a fair match-up)
  • Hong Kong Disneyland (this one is tough, as I loved both of their Vekomas, but Mystic Manor is easily my favorite dark ride out there, so my vote goes for that one)


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. Flamingo Land: Cliffhanger - The airtime you get on this is actually insane tbh! I love Pterodactyl but Cliffhanger offered good views and great airtime
. Drayton Manor: Maelstrom/Apocalypse - I actually can't decide between these two cause Apocalypse is really intense and awesome but i did Maelstrom 6x in one day and every ride was amazing!
. Alton Towers: Hex - Brilliant dark ride