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What is your favorite high school marching band show that you have seen?


Roller Poster
I thought this could be a fun idea because I've always liked marching band shows, so I wanted to see what ones you liked. Ill start:

1:Oakville High School St. Louis MO, Whats Inside. This is a great show it is amazing that high school students can do this
2:Oakville High School St. Louis MO, Under Construction. Great music
3: Ofallon Township High School. I don't know the name but it was their 2022 show. It was great and they have so many people.


Hyper Poster
Wow, strange topic, but a long held memory.
Back the best part of fifty years ago, my school assembly (usually boring as hell) had the USA or Texas State Champion School Band play...absolutely amazing show, completely professional standard, filled the stage, and I'm sure the whole town heard it.
Completely unexpected, stunning and loud...the memory still holds strong.
Sorry, can't name the school, but they did a British tour in about '79.
Long string of postwar classics, finishing off with Glen Miller.

Nicky Borrill

Strata Poster
I grew up performing in marching bands, we were sadly not up to the standard of US High School or College bands over here in the UK. However, we did perform alongside many of them, during the 'London New Year's Lord Mayors Parade.' They were incredible. We even broke a world record with them one year, think it was the Millenium Parade, and the record was for the most marching band members playing the same song at the same time, or something like that.

Not gonna lie though, as I was between the ages of 13 and 18, it was more the huge groups of American cheerleaders we spent most of the time on admiring. Still can't believe they would throw each other so high above London's tarmac streets. I wonder if the parade still happens in the same format?

As a side note, my kids went on to perform in the band I was a member of, and they performed at Disney... I wasn't really jealous at the time, but I am now I've got the Disney bug.