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What coaster manufacturer would you solely rely on for the rollercoasters in your dream park?

What coaster manufacture would you solely rely on for your dream park?

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  • B&M

    Votes: 7 11.3%
  • Chance rides

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  • CCI

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  • Dynamic Attractions

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  • Gerstlauer

    Votes: 1 1.6%
  • Giovanola

    Votes: 1 1.6%
  • Golden horse

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  • Gravity group

    Votes: 1 1.6%
  • GCI

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  • Intamin

    Votes: 27 43.5%
  • Mack

    Votes: 3 4.8%
  • Maurer

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  • Pinfari

    Votes: 3 4.8%
  • Premier

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  • RMC

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  • S&S

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  • SBF

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  • Schwarzkopf

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  • Togo

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  • Vekoma

    Votes: 19 30.6%
  • Zamperla

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  • Zierer

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Giga Poster
Its easy to come up with what type of coasters you would have in your dream park but what if you had to solely rely on just one manufacturer for all your roller coasters since your park opened.

( The rest of your rides in your park can come from any other manufacture )

Some manufactures have been around for ages while some have only been around for a few years, some make amazing coasters but are unreliable and costly. So I'm intrigued in who you will pick and why are they best fit for your dream park, also what coaster would you have from them?

If you choose a defunct manufacturer after they close you will have to rely on relocations. Also you can have prototypes if they had working models, you can also add anything that is available on the manufactures website.

My favourite manufactures are Intamin, RMC and S&S. While I love their coasters they have had some unreliable moments and I want a park with a nice verity of family and thrill coasters, so I will go for Mack due to there smooth reliable rides and they can make some forceful rides when they want. They are expensive but I would try to leave gaps between coasters to build up some cash for the next big investment. It is also a shame that in the scheme of things they only recently started making high thrill level coasters. For my park it would be in the south of the UK and would have lands themed to different country's of the world, IT would start as a family focused park with great theming and over time build more extreme coasters as they expand.

year built - Model - closely resembles

  • 1988 - Powered - Thunder Run CW
  • 1992 - Bobsled - Avalanche Blackpool
  • 2000 - Wilde Maus - Matterhorn Blitz
  • 2004 - Water coaster - Journey to Atlantis SO
  • 2007 - Youngstar coaster - Pegasus
  • 2011 - Spinning coaster - Dwervelwind
  • 2015 - Multi-Launch - Helix
  • 2019 - Inverted powered - Arthur
  • 2024 - Hypercoaster - DC rivals

I am intrigued in what you will come up with, I hope there are some odd parks in there ☺️ i want to see someone with a Pinfari park 😂
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Giga Poster
I feel like Intamin is the only sensible answer here, they can make pretty much any ride type, and do most of them better than any other manufacturers.

I admire your commitment listing so many manufacturers, looking forward to somebody making a case for SBF or Zamperla 🤔


Strata Poster
I voted B&M, but now that I think of it Intamin makes sense as well. But B&M could still get you a really good selection of coasters.

Family Invert

Forget about the standups, and the sit-down/floorless would probably be useless with the other loopers already in there (although I'd probably prefer a sit down over a wing or dive machine, but the uniqueness of those models make more sense nowadays for big parks).

Besides the family invert, you kinda end up screwing over the kids, but oh well.


Hyper Poster
I guess Vekoma? They have a wide range, been around for ages with regular projects and are very flexible on request.

None of the old tat . They'd give us great deals like 5 for 3, and would be a showcase park for how much better they are.

New flyer. Somehow out do Phantasialand in every way. I won Euro millions a couple of times so it's not an issue.

A hyper that's even more smashing than the concept art turned down by Walibi Belgium.

A really long terrain family invert with those nice restraints. Goes over various river streams.

Tilt coaster and a loop screw. Yes 2, one for a retro year with a basic layout and the other that has all the loops and trick track inc backwards section.

Mine train with obligatory water splash and a dozen lift hills. Beat that world record.

A solid old school wooden coaster. Could do a smaller one themed to squirrels and beavers and a massive hauling beast called relentless.

Family and giant boomerang. Son and Daddy rang.

Every single one of the new breed of sit down coasters (ie Top gun). They look so much fun.

Range of steadily increasing junior to family coasters.

Motor bike coaster or Juvelin type ride. Could add a variety of launches to anything really.

This is already more than a lifetimes work and I recon there's loads of avenues untouched.

Matt N

CF Legend
Fun topic idea!

My favourite manufacturer is probably B&M at present, but I think their product range perhaps isn’t diverse enough to fill an entire park.

As such, I would personally go with Intamin. They still make highly received coasters, but even if you throw non-coasters into the mix, I’m convinced you could quite literally build an entire park solely out of Intamin rides, which can be said for very few other manufacturers, if any.

For reference, here is Intamin’s current portfolio of products: https://www.intamin.com/products/

So, my park would consist of:
Water Rides
  • Intamin Flume Ride (https://www.intamin.com/product/flume-ride/), similar to Chiapas. Lots of heavy theming and dark ride scenes, as well as a few drops. However, I might try to not make the ride too wet, so as to make it appeal to a wider crowd who might not want an absolute soaking; a similar level of wetness to Splash Mountain would work here.
  • Intamin Rapids Ride (https://www.intamin.com/product/rapids-ride/), with lots of water effects, waves and theming, as well as an elevator lift hill and drop similar to Infinity Falls.
  • Intamin Slow Boat Ride (https://www.intamin.com/product/slow-tow-boat-ride/). This would not get riders wet, but would instead function as a more sedate attraction, to give riders a break from the more thrilling rides, and it would be filled with theming and effects in order to tell a family-orientated story. I’m unsure whether it would be indoors or outdoors, or I could possibly even get 2, with one being indoors and one being outdoors!
  • The aforementioned Intamin Ultra Splash would also function as a water ride.
Flat Rides (both thrilling and gentle)
Dark Rides/Immersive Attractions
  • Intamin EMV Dark Ride System (https://www.intamin.com/product/dark-ride-system/), with elaborate theming, an immersive storyline and lots of special effects.
  • Intamin 360 Fly Adventure (https://www.intamin.com/product/360-fly-adventure/), to give the park a nice family attraction as well as a flying theatre style attraction.
  • Intamin Ultra Tower (https://www.intamin.com/product/ultra-tower/). Even though this would be another 4D/screen attraction, I think the ride system looks very cool, and it would be different enough from the 360 Fly Adventure to make it viable. From how Intamin describes it, the Ultra Tower sounds like a modern take on something like Tower of Terror; I love that ride, and it would make a great thrill dark ride, as well as giving the park a shot’n’drop tower to contrast with the drop tower.
  • Possibly another, indoor Intamin Slow Boat Ride to go alongside the outdoor one mentioned earlier, dependant on how I was feeling.
  • Intamin also has a transportation division that builds monorails, so I might even chuck in a nice Intamin People Mover P6 (https://www.intamintransportation.com/product/people-mover-p6/) for some nice, high capacity (3500pph) transportation around the park. That model is even specified as being great for theme parks, so I think one would work excellently as a high capacity alternative to walking around the park, as well as a different, relaxing way of viewing the park!

So, I’ve managed to create a full, varied (ish) theme park with 26 rides using only attractions from Intamin’s current portfolio! Yes, I know there’s a bit of repetition here and there (2 Slow Boat Rides, for instance), but some Intamin attraction types are versatile enough that you could arguably make two very different ride experiences using them. Also, for anything missing, Intamin are innovative enough that they’d probably build it for you regardless of what it was!

As for where this theme park would be located; Gloucestershire, England for sure! That way, the park would be right on my doorstep (well, within about 30-45 minutes, dependant on where it was), and it would be in a part of the UK that is somewhat devoid of major theme parks at present (the South West of England), so competition wouldn’t be too much of an issue. It would also be roughly equidistant from and within reasonably easy reach of the two most populous cities in the UK in London & Birmingham, so would have a wide pool of potential guests!

Do you like the sound of my ride selection consisting only of Intamin rides?
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Hyper Poster
Intamin can do so much. They make great rides that raise all the eyebrows imprinting vivid memories. They should be the best choice here. Given this is theoretical lets just say it all works out perfectly for @Matt N as I want to visit that park. Although how did you miss the fabled Aqua coaster? New for 2022 perhaps.

I just dunno if I would put my sole trust and reputation in them. What with being a know it all enthusiast who reads rumours and cracks wises. Would I really
give my seal of approval knowing their faults along the way? You would be stuck with them after all given the parameters.

I want a water ride but also with all the splash and no horror, or to have all advertised inversions. Sure they sort it out in the end, mostly.

Having people transporters would be cool through and there is a whopping flat ride collection to cherry pick from.

However its got to happen - and everyone's suggested park need to be in close range. Happy Imagination World Resort.


Mega Poster
Mack for me, i love Intamin though most of them are maintenance nightmares so imagine a whole park of them? Everything will down more than they are open.

Here is what the park could look like.

Hypercoaster- (like DC Rivals)
Launch coaster with inversions- (like Helix/Copperhead)
Big Dipper (Like Lost Gravity)
Extreme Spinner (like Time Traveller)
Water Coaster (Like Poseidon)
Inverted Powered Coaster (Arthur clone plz)
Family Coaster (like Pegasus)
Bobsled Coaster (Avalanche)
Family spinner (like Cobra's Curse)
Wild Mouse

I think Mack offer a nice variety, a lot of them are family friendly as well. The park would also have a great top 4 if that lineup was recreated.
Intamin for sure would have the crazier coasters, but Mack would have great rides and you wouldn't have to worry about the huge collection of technical liabilities you have in your park..


Theme Park Superhero
Much as I'd love to go for Mack, it's just got to be Intamin for me if only for the fact that they can do world class things with both steel and wood, on top of offering all the dark rides, flats and water rides you need to really flesh out the place. Plus, it's a dream, so stuff the technical downsides and just tick the 'disable all breakdowns' box.


Mega Poster
Mack or Intamin would be the obvious decision. As they do more than just coasters.
But I like the new Vekoma too much to not vote for them. And they do/ did more than just coasters as well.

On of them needs to copy B&M launched wingcoaster though, because I would like one in the park as well.


Mega Poster
It's Intamin for me.
They can do LSM, drive tire and Hydraulic Launches, can build great Mega, Hypers, Gigas, family coasters, insane coasters and even wooden coasters. In addition, Intamin appears to be one manufacturer who will do pretty much everything you ask (and pay) for. You want a completely new train design for your Invert? Sure, no problem!

In addition, they do offer pretty much everything other manufacturers do, even Single rail coasters and Powersplashes + their huge amount of Flat rides.

Matt N

CF Legend
No point in writing a really long answer here, @Matt N 's post has convinced me.
I WANT that park in my life.
Gloucestershire is fine I guess, but if you could scooch it North a bit towards Shropshire I'd really appreciate it. Ta mate 😁
Would it sweeten the deal if I moved it more towards Birmingham/the Midlands, so it’s roughly in between the North and the South?


Mountain monkey
Staff member
I'm honestly a little surprised that Pinfari is even an option. But I guess there are masochists out there. I'd also be immediately skeptical of anyone who'd take up Zamperla or Togo for this job.

Giovanola is another puzzling one. It only ever built three coasters of two different types. Granted, It was a subcontractor on a whole lot more, but it's hardly a merited manufacturer in its own right.

Oh, and for the record, I think I'd go with Mack. While Intamin makes some truly great coasters, it doesn't really have that wide of a product range for kiddie and family coasters, which are the ones to bring in big bucks after all. Vekoma could be another fun one, given an unlimited budget. It has worked well with Disney.


CF Legend
I've gone for Vekoma, based on the following:

They're tried and tested in the family market and have loads of reliable yet unique and fun options from Junior Boomerangs, to Mine Trains, to SFCs.
They're not adverse to innovating - Disney often work with them pushing their design limits to fantastic results. Seven Dwarves Mine Train and TRON are both excellent even when you take away the theming.
Their new stuff is brilliant - the STCs are so fun and their launched range is powerful, smooth and rerideable.

They're also not afraid to get a little weird with their train designs with the motorbike and flying coaster options. So yh, I think you can have a lot of diversity when using Vekoma and a lot of fun too, with added levels of reliability and a great price point.


Giga Poster
I like what people have come up with so far, I think both Intamin and Vekoma are great choices but I put a lot of options as I thought there would be some people who's dream park might be smaller quaint family owned parks with a couple of coasters, not colossal intimin mega parks. I'm surprised no one has gone for RMC, while they don't have a wide collection you would have an amazing park for example:

Family I-BOX
Duelling raptor
Launched woodie
Hyper I-BOX
Giga T-REX

So not many coasters but a great line up.

I came up with the idea as on Planet coaster and RCT I like to design parks around one manufacture as a challenge and use coasters I would not normally use, Gerstlaurer and S&S are two other great manufactures with an interesting verity of coasters that I think would make for amazing parks.


Hyper Poster
I'd go with Intamin, choosing the following coaster types, with layouts similar to (or perhaps even clones of) certain pre-existing variants:

Giga Coaster - Intimidator 305
Hyper Coaster - Skyrush
Blitz Coaster - Velocicoaster
Blitz Coaster (with Swing Launch) - Toutatis or Pantheon
Megalite - Piraten
Launch Coaster & Inverted Coaster - Dueling Dragons (China)
Wooden Coaster - El Toro
Aquatrax - Atlantis Adventure
Looping Coaster (or whichever model Fahrenheit is) - Fahrenheit
Family Launch Coaster - Juvelen
Multi-Dimension Coaster - Movie Park Studios
Spinning Coaster - Tornado (Bakken)
Family Coaster - Macerapest?

James F

Hyper Poster
Maybe gerstlauer, Hansa Park is pretty close to that goal. You have a fair amount of variety between coasters (infinity, eurofighter, bobsled, jr coaster) as well as some flats such as the sky fly model

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Giga Poster
It's an easy pick between Intamin and Mack since they have such an insanely large portfolio of rides for those of all sizes and all demographic categories at parks.

The only other manufacturers that come remotely close to them are Vekoma and Gerstlauer. Of the four I'd side with Jordan and pick Vekoma of the bunch.