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What can I get to stop sickness after riding?


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As some of you know I get sick after going on some rides. I've tried some Travel sweets called Travel Ease which didn't really do much good and my friends who tried them said they made them feel worse! I've heard that wristbands are effective, but not for everyone. I was wondering what you guys think would be the best solution?


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I'm sick on the teacups, every time guaranteed. Not much you can do really to be honest lol.


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I'm lucky I don't get sick on any rides, the only time I've ever thrown up at a theme park was after eating them disgusting McNugget things from the McDonalds next to Ripsaw, urgh! Since then I havn't had McDonalds, oh I lie... Gatwick, but I was starving.


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3 tips:

1) Don't have ANYTHING with ANY form of sugar. It promotes acid to be produced and makes you more sick
2) Do, however, eat things that are very grainy and bread-like. Or, if a quick fix is needed, have cinnamon. Bread absorbs stomach fluids making you less likey to hurl. Also, it helps to eat often but not loads. Have 5 small meals over 3 large ones.
3) Sit in the front car of a coaster. It help to see the track ahead so you know what to expect.


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My mum used the wristbands for a few years. They seem to have some mental effect with the presure point thing. But it works. Try them. See if they work for you.

I personally dont get sick on rides at all normally, But I can feel sick if I get de-hydrated. I keep my fluids up. That idea may help you.


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Don't ride them.

There is a medicine out there, which my EMT friend told me about, which totally settles the stomach.. but I dunno if you can even get it.


Matt SR
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When you say you get sick, is it a sickness that you feel in your stomach or more of a headache?


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Avoid uh Repetitive rides. Rides that do the same motions over and over, like Enterprises and stuff like that.

That throws you out of balance and messes with your senses and your brain gets confused and goes ****it and you hurl.

It generally doesn't happen with coasters unless you pretty much abuse your self.

Take a bottle of water or fluid or something drink regularly and what not.

I usually have a headache and feel really ill at the end of the day if I forget to drink. Especially on hot days.


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It sounds a bit like motion sickness to me, and a quick search on Google brings up the following usefull information:

Prevention and treatment:
Avoiding heavy meals and alcohol before travelling.
Anti-sickness medicines from the pharmacist. These should be taken before travel according to the instructions so they have time to be absorbed by the body.
Ginger or peppermint remedies. Ginger can be taken as a biscuit, tea or in crystallised form, while peppermint can be sucked as a sweet or taken as a tea.
Acupressure. This can be applied using a wristband or by pressing your finger against the middle of the inner wrist about three finger widths above the crease where the wrist joins the hand.

The ginger remedies sound particularly tasty, but I suspect that Motion Sickness tablets may be the best option for you. My sister used to always get motion/travel sickness, but after a few weeks of taking the tablets, she was fine.


Matt SR
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What I am always sure to do is eat a hearty meal before a long day at the park.

Not overeating, but a meal featuring a lot of protein, such as a breakfast with eggs and sausage.

Protein can be a big booster.


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I guess don't eat before you ride? Or avoid re-rides and leave a gap before you ride anything else.

I only feel sick if I am drunk while riding, but its an awesome feeling so its worth it.


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Like others have said avoid stuff like flat rides or anything with repetitve motion. The same thing happens to me and I wouldn't even be able to do a coaster when I'm feeling that bad.

Coasters are generally fine, you might feel a bit dizzy after helixes but just take a break once you are off the ride. Also try not too eat anything at all and just take drinks to get you through the day.


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Hyde244 said:
When you say you get sick, is it a sickness that you feel in your stomach or more of a headache?

More of a feeling in my stomach. I am alright after rides such as Rita, G-Force and Nemesis Inferno but rides such as Nemesis And Maelstrom (which I can ride once without feeling sick but more than once makes me feel really bad). Also I don't do rerides but on Nemesis for example I feel sick after one ride.


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I don't feel sick on many rides, but I have had a few moments where I feel uneased and ill. On many Waltzers; especially the human powered ones and at night can be a common cause of feeling sick, same goes with Enterprise as I've had many terrible rides on that recently. Like said above just keep away from flats that spin like a washing machine and any other death traps.

Its rare I feel ill on rollercoasters; Stampida made me feel awful but that was mainly because of the juttering and back smashing around the track. Colossus can be a complete head-rush sometimes too.


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Usually having a drink after a ride makes you feel better. It may be a case that you are dehydrated rather than feel ill, so getting a refreshment may help.


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I had this problem as well,

I take travel sickness tablets to stop me feeling ill, I have tried nearly every brand I can find, the problem I found is that most of them make me drowsy which isn’t the best thing.

Personal after going through numerous brands I use these:
Nelsons Travella,

http://www.boots.com/webapp/wcs/stores/ ... ogId=11051

They work wonders for me, I can go on any ride any number of times, and including simulators which seem to be the worst for making me ill. However that said they didn’t help my friend a massive amount.

I also wear the travel bands as well as taking these, it’s certainly helped me and I would never go to a park without them

It’s a horrible feeling and can really ruin your day,
Hope this helps.


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All I can say is - Dramamine!
Take it 30 minutes before riding and you won't have any stomach trouble. It works for everyone I've ever recommended it to. It completely suppresses nausea, vomiting & dizziness and is especially good for motion sickness. It can cause you to be a bit of drowsy, but only if your driving/riding in a car/plane/train. You're generally too active at a theme park to be affected by any drowsiness.


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^ Im unsure whether you can get that medicine in Britain. If you can't find that look out for Stugeron, I take it before any flight and I never feel sick its great.

Otherwise, as the astronauts say don't eat cereal or bread for breakfast as they are easy to come back up but a Banana is the perfect astronauts breakfast!


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Take a deep breath in and pack your body out. This helps your body take high g-force, which I suspect is the cause for your sickness, as I sometimes get it after many rides or doing aerial acrobatics.