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What and where will you build a new coaster?

Nemesis Inferno

Strata Poster
Chessie can have a coaster on a similar scale of Fury (1.2m, fun, slightly intense), but extremely well themed...

Or just some investment into Chessie...


Mega Poster
If I could build a new park, it would kick ass!!!!!

New coaster, DUH!!! My local park! It would be anything B&M or a Intamin Multi-Loop.


Giga Poster

Kevin26 said:
Wild Thing of Wild Waves is good. But I'd also build more on that and add faster rides.

Something similar like Millennium Force, Mantis or Maverick.

First of all, Wild Waves can hardly afford what they already have...although I like that they repainted Wild Thing (at least I think that's what I saw)...something in that park needed cleaning up. Very wishful thinking if you ask me.

Bottom_Feeder_13 said:
I would remove Deja Vu from Magic Mountain and build a new B & M dive machine in it's place then buy the hill behind the park and build a B & M wingrider on it.

Are you kidding me?!? SFMM wouldn't dare remove/replace a coaster...then they would lose their precious coaster title which they are obsessed with...even if your idea is a good one...


Roller Poster
I'd definitely put an extreme coaster somewhere in Hershey, like an Intamin or B&M Hyper lining the back of the park.


Hyper Poster
Lol another good place to fit in Black Mamba would be Busch Gardens Orlando
It goes great with pretty much the whole park and on the plus side its named after a giant snake :D