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Warner Bros Movie World to Remove Arkham Asylum


Strata Poster
Yeah, looks decent tbf. Wizard of Oz feels a bit left field but maybe I haven't been following this closely enough. Anything is better than an SLC so I'm happy.


Giga Poster
Nothing too fancy really. Just a cloned SFC and a clone of those French dueling boomerangs.

Seems like a missed opportunity to install a new-gen dark ride.


Roller Poster
As someone with two kids under 10 this is a welcome addition. The park has always lacked family rides as the bigger ones are a bit too extreme for the youngsters. You basically have Road Runner and perhaps Scooby-doo if they're adventurous enough. My youngest one couldn't make it past the scary queue. Can't say I see the requirement for another dark ride, however I realise the Wizard of Oz theme could have made it an interesting one.


Mega Poster
I'm a pretty big fan of this addition to be honest. Lots of new creds, it makes the park more family friendly, and it's frankly a pretty neat IP. I look forward to seeing the finished product.


Mega Poster
thank god for wizard of oz tbh, it gives aussies something to latch on to when i tell them i'm from kansas. god help me if i'd been from nebraska or something... also i get to follow it up with 'yeah, kansas to oz, haha never heard that one before'

looks nice though. they're really destroying dreamworld now, i'm not sure how that park will cope at all