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Walt Disney Studios Park | Avengers Assemble: Flight Force | R'n'RC retheme | 2022


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Disney have announced that the Aerosmith Rock 'n' Rollercoaster at Walt Disney Studios, Disneyland Paris, will be rethemed to Marvel characters.

Personally I prefer the Aerosmith theme but I think Iron Man and his friends will be more popular with most visitors so I'm not too surprised. I wonder what they will do with all of the museum piece guitars etc from the queue line!
I want the Limo Trains to be preserved and kept in a museum and they'll still be playing their music!
The USA version may still live on but not for long.


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Yeah it was a classic for sure but not very Disney - I expect Iron Man will be much more popular overall (although Aerosmith is much more appealing to me personally).


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For the refurbishment of the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, will the trains be changed, so they have the new restraints? I only went on it in 2003 (I was 7), but I remember it was a real headbanger :/
The head banging got much worse recently I reckon. I don't remember it being a headbanger at all before 2009. I went back this year after 10 years to ride Rock n Roller for the last time but the corkscrew towards the end was near unbearable, especially in the back. I came to marathon Rock N Roller, but I only did about 6-8 goes over 5 days. I was also disappointed with the somewhat roughness of Hyperspace Mountain. Even with the newer vest restraints that still felt uncomfortable, again during the corkscrew mostly.

Presumably newer trains with audio on Iron Man will indeed have the vest restraints as on Hyperspace Mountain.

The launch on Rock N roller was still amazing I thought. Incredible that it beats the likes of a modern day coaster such as Icon hands down on that part.
Not sure if it is because it is indoors but the Rock N roller launch takes my breath away more than the likes of Rita or even Stealth when riding up front.


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Not sure if it is because it is indoors but the Rock N roller launch takes my breath away more than the likes of Rita or even Stealth when riding up front.

I had the same impression when I rode Xpress: Platform 13 recently, the initial kick of the launch is really up there with some of the hydraulic launches. Too bad Vekoma only had garbage track and trains back then, otherwise they might have been able to really get into the launch coaster business before Intamin did.


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Quite a random story I recently read about and a little relevant as it's Walt Disney Studio park, I found it interesting so thought i'd share it..

When Animal Kingdom first opened there was an attraction called Discovery River Boats which only operated for a year. At the end of the journey you saw this awesome Iguanodon animatronic which was meant to be the dinosaur which had been bought back with you on the attraction Countdown to Extinction (now Dinosaur)

After only a few months, this amazing animatronic was removed when Discovery River boats closed.. It then shamefully ended up rotting on the studio tram tour in Paris as a mislabeled dinosaur from the show Dinotopia. You may remember seeing it there.



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Couldn't see this mentioned on the last few pages. Official closing date of the tram tour as it currently stands is 6th Jan. The new "Cars" edition will open in the "Summer" of next year. New changes will be a different station, no more London set and a few more Cars inspired scenes.

Looks like the new building for the Spider-Man ride is going up quickly too, I think it'll end up being more imposing on the area compared to the previous Armageddon building.



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I dont think Lights, Motors, Action will make it though sadly.

It's staying around for a little while. Rumours it'll get a slight Marvel overlay when the area re-opens. Some concept art seems to be hinting it'll be replaced with a new Marvel E-ticket ride (the one announced for Cali). If that does happen it'll be a long way off.


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evening all!

dont know if this is the right spot to put this. :D
I found some new pics of the construction taking place at the former Rock `n Rollercoaster ft. Aerosmith.

i thought they were gonna use the same building as it was. but seems like they are doing some major changes over there. :D

the last 2 pics are acutally from the spiderman ride if im not mistaken.:cool:100920wdsp1.jpg100920wdsp2.jpg100920wdsp3.jpg100920wdsp4.jpg100920wdsp5.jpg


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I've renamed the title to be a bit more in keeping with the ride (making it clear this is a retheme), and stickied.

Thanks. :)


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The topic title, have I missed something about a name change? When I visited in February it was called Walt Disney Studios Park?