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Walibi Holland - 14th August

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So today was my ever solo theme park trip and what a way to kick it off by flying to and from the Netherlands in one day and going to Walibi Holland. I was actually supposed to be in Sweden this week but that didn’t come to fruition due to some personal stuff but to make up for it I thought I’d still make the most of some time off work by getting some new credits. Before I start the report I should explain that coasters make me very sick so only needed a few hours at the park to get the credits I wanted. I ended up getting there at 12 and staying till 4.30. The park was open till 11 tonight though.

My morning started at 2am, well I say started I actually hadn’t been to sleep at all as the excitement kept me up, so actually started my journey straight from the gym (which I’d later regret) I flew from South-end airport as that’s where I got the best flight times and prices. After a long but relatively simple journey which included probably the worst bus journey I have ever been on getting to the park, a bus full to the brim with some kind of summer group was an awful 20 minutes that didn't seem to end. I also found out on this bus that Untamed hadn’t opened yet and it was touch and go whether it actually would, which didn't help.

So I paid on the gate, €34. I had made the decision that I was probably going to buy the Fast-pass system they offer as I only had realistically 4/5 hours at the park, but waited till I got a feel for the queue times before committing. I was greeted with 60/70 minute queues for the big 2 as untamed was not open at this point thought f*** it and got the gold option. This probably wasn’t necessary in hindsight I didn’t actually get my money’s worth and would have been better off buying individual fast passes.

This was the first ride I decided I would do as it was the one that appealed most to me, (other then untamed, which was closed) I love Intamin and I also love hyper/mega coasters, So In my mind this was already going to be a great coaster. My first go was second from the front, and I was very impressed. The first air time hill, the Stengel dive and bunny hops toward the end were massive highlights. Lots of strong ejector on these parts, so much so my thighs got a little sore, Not that I was complaining, I felt it added to the ride. I took 3 goes on this, the other two times were at the very back and also the very front. The back row offered even more ejector and my go on the front would end up being my last ride of the day. I didn’t enjoy my last ride too much as I had over done it at this point and felt like I was going to throw up as I came into that final brake run. After 3 goes I sort of realised the coaster did have a few elements I wasn’t too keen on. I felt the helix's added nothing to the ride, just killed the momentum and I found them quite nauseating. I also thought the twisted air time hills, whilst cool were a little out of place. Does make me really want to try Expedition G force though so I can compare, as that ride seems to take out some of the parts that I find lack on Goliath. Of course this is just my opinion and I’m sure others love the positive G’s provided by the helix's and the uniqueness of the twisted hills, they just weren’t personally my sort of thing.

Final verdict 8/10

Lost Gravity

The second of the big 3 in this park, Lost Gravity. I got two rides on this, I’d have loved to had a few more but this is exactly the type of layout that makes me very sick. My first go I was front and centre, I had heard this ride was a bit rattly, and I could even tell this was the case from which is supposed to be one of the more comfier seats. Have to be honest though the rattle took nothing away from what an amazing coaster this is. It had really great air time, I loved the moment on that weird outward banked element. The drops were awesome off of the lift hill and the MCBR, on my second go I took a ride on one of the outer seats at the back, and the whip around the first drop was insane, absolutely loved it. There was this crazy jolt at one point though, and was pretty rattly, but unlike Baco where I feel the rattle ruins the ride completely this was a lot more manageable. I also loved the zero g roll, one of my favourites on any coaster I’ve been on, and the water effect just added to it. Didn’t expect this one to be as good as Goliath, but tbh it was probably better and I just wish I was able to get more rides on it as two wasn't enough, I wanted to experience it in every seat.

Final verdict 9/10

Express: platform 13

I sort of knew what to expect with this one as I have done both versions of Rock n roller coaster. I was pretty impressed with the effort they went to with adding a theme to the queue and station area though, thought this all worked great. Kinda of frustrating that it all just sort of ends when you get onto the ride, I do however appreciate they did what they could to turn it into more of an experience. Really liked the batching of the rows and the effect they’ve used whilst your waiting behind the doors before you board. The ride itself was nothing special, the launch was good, I always love a good launch and the lighting effects helped enhance it, making you feel as though your going quite a bit faster but once your outside it just kinda goes round in circles and without any lights or scenery to distract you it makes for quite a poor ride. At least it wasn’t uncomfortable and it was cool to effectively experience rock n roller coaster outside. They did fit quite a bit into a tight space and the head choppers from the supports are quite effective so can commend the ride for that.

Final verdict 6.5/10

So actually my final credit and ride of this park, I didn’t think I was going to get this at all so was putting kind of a damper on my day as really this was the only reason I had decided to book this trip, however luck was on my side and the ride opened around 1.30. I’ve always found it quite difficult to understand the hype not having experienced one before and with my expectations not being insanely high I think this really benefited my experience. My first go was right at the back, and straight away going into that first outward banked turn before the lift I couldn’t believe how smooth this thing seemed like it was going to take its transitions. I really liked the laterals on this turn and was a nice start to the ride. The steepness of the lift hill also caught me off guard, not sure why I found it so strange but it went through my head the first time of riding. The the ride itself was just absolutely insane, the smoothness of the transitions, the amount of elements thrown in, the ejector air time and the inversions were all top draw! The pacing through the elements was absolutely perfect and each element seemed to offer something completely different. From the massive ejector you get being dragged down that first drop, the strong but short pop you get off the first bunny hill, the sensation of going though the 270 reverse thingy. Every single element just provided something completely different, I’ve never experienced anything quite like it, I was utterly blow away and I am now officially on the RMC bandwagon and have to get out there and ride more. This coaster made the whole day worthwhile and I was gutted I couldn’t get more then 2 rides on it, unfortunately it went down again just after my second go so had to settle for a 3rd go on Goliath instead. My second go was on the front and I probably enjoyed this even more then the back, being able to see every element before you took it and just sort of flowing with the coaster. The FVD designer in me was so impressed and memorised with what I was seeing and how it was riding, just incredible really and felt so inspired by it, I just felt like it moved so naturally through a layout with some bat s*** crazy elements. Can’t talk highly enough of this ride and am so grateful Walibi Holland invested in this, I will be back to ride again!

Final verdict 10/10 and new number 1


I was using the fast-pass so this didn’t really effect me too much but had I not been I could imagine being quite frustrated with how some of the rides were being operated. The distribution of fast-pass and normal queue seemed to be let fast-passes in till there’s none left then fill up remaining space with normal queue which would have infuriated me. I noticed on Goliath one of the trains wasn’t using the back two cars for some reason? Untamed being down in the morning obviously wasn’t ideal and I believe that it had issues all day in the end going down a few times. Think Goliath also had to be evacuated at one point and I’m pretty sure Express: Platform 13 was only running one train. So yeah if it hadn’t have been for fast pass I can imagine my day would have been pretty stressful.

Final verdict on operations 4/10

Final thoughts

The park itself is okay, doesn’t really try set out to be anything other then what it is, a fun park for teenagers and thrill seekers, a little bit like Thorpe but clearly has a lot more direction. I didn’t do anything else other then the 4 credits I mentioned, had I taken a ride on the SLC or boomerang it would have meant less rides on the coasters I was there for and me feeling a lot more sick. I don’t feel like I’ve missed out on anything, I’ve done similar models before and don’t really care about credit counting, I think I’m somewhere in the 100's now but not totally sure, I miss out on a lot wherever I go if I don't think its worthwhile. In terms of the filler rides, I’m not really one for going on water rides on my own as I feel there enjoyed a lot more socially and I don’t really touch flats. I did notice some kind of strange but cool challenges they were doing on some of the coasters. Like On lost gravity they are giving riders a pen and paper and they had to draw something whilst going round, I think the shot tower they were giving riders glasses of water they had to keep as filled as possible and on Goliath I think they had blind folds. I didn’t partake but had I been in a group some of the challenges could have been quite fun, certainly works at a park like Walibi were they don’t really seem to take themselves too seriously. I can’t give a full view on the park as I was only there like 1/3 of the day and literally just to get 4 credits and few re-rides, so personally I got exactly what I wanted out of the day.

My verdict on the park 7/10

To sum up, a great top 3 which now makes this park one of the best places in Europe for roller coasters.
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What Farley said^ :)
So glad this trip worked out for you. Shame operations weren't brilliant but like you said - mission accomplished anyway!
Walibi defo has one of the strongest coaster triple-whammy's in Europe now.


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Glad to read you managed to do everything despite your limited time! :)

Btw, those challenges and the extra long opening times was due to LEKKERGAAN, some sort of summer activities during August. The park isn't usually that silly with it!


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The FVD designer in me was so impressed and memorised with what I was seeing and how it was riding, just incredible really and felt so inspired by it, I just felt like it moved so naturally through a layout with some bat s*** crazy elements.

Glad to see a FVD designer here. I love tryna feel all those elements to recreate. Cant wait to get on Untamed.


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Glad to see you enjoyed yourself. I was there myself all day as well, see main review in my trip report topic. Untamed was my first RMC as well so was gutted when it was initially shut for half the day. When i finally got on it, I was blown away as well, so smooth but still so wild!

I know you couldn't with the day trip idea but the late opening was well worth sticking around for. Most people left as it got dark so i had Untamed in the dark with a mostly empty single rider queue! The Lekkergaan activities were also great fun, I tried the goliath blindfold and Lost gravity drawing challenges.