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Walibi Belgium | Kondaa | Intamin Mega Coaster | 2021


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And another picture taken from Dalton Terror!

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Great thanks to Themepark Magic on Facebook for this fantastic picture!

I really do like this angle on the non-inverting cobra roll though (but I always liked this element). It seems they started construction on the first camelback after the first drop. What a fun project to follow!

I love it; it legit looks like a cobra from this angle, way more than traditional cobra rolls


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Another great video from Themepark Magic...

More photos:







The complete album: https://www.facebook.com/pg/themeparkmagic1/photos/?tab=album&album_id=772815193547739


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Can anyone explain why the lift-hill is so heavily supported? There are a lot of giga-coasters (i305 comes to mind) that have way fewer supports than this ride, while being almost double the height. The over-supported version is probably cheaper to design, however wouldn't there be cost-savings with the amount of steel being used?
It just looks weird to me, because a lift-hill isn't the area of a ride that is subjected to really heavy forces, right?


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@ynnckstrm - the coster you mention above has a very complex lift hill structure; if you look closely at the steel section under the lift hill - it's a large, very complex and calculated structure which can span a great distance. This would be far more expensive, then say 10 more standard cylinder supports, supporting a single spline section of track.


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Really nice view of that twisting drop. And I love the Cobra whatever. Not fused if it inverts as all the angles are a bit kinky.


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As stated, this ride is no more supported than it needs to be. The rides previously stated as having a minimal support structure have quite a complex truss system that maintains strength while minimizing connections to the ground. Intimidator 305 utilizes this method because its lift is frankly massive, and Skyrush utilizes a slightly different truss design since it needs to span Comet below it. With this ride topping out at approximately half the height of I305 and doesn't have to span anything below it, they might as well use a simple A-frame tube structure since it's cheaper and also quicker to design. Comparing this to Intamin megas of similar height, both Expedition Geforce and Goliath have slightly more complex structures, but still feature tube steel A-frame designs. Even Hyperion uses a similar structure with some extra reinforcement members due to its height.

If only we can get one of these in the states
Superman at Six Flags New England still holds up nicely after all these years, but if you're looking for something more modern, Intamin is luckily building both Pantheon at Busch Gardens Williamsburg and the Jurassic Park coaster at Universal's Islands of Adventure, which will surely be hits.