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Valhalla at Blackpool Pleasure Beach to be refurbished for 2022


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I was going to say it's possible it's been trimmed to fit more nicely on that wall (it looks like they've cut a bit at the top, but I dunno). But in any case, it'd be weird to do that now.

Certainly wouldn't be surprising if they've delayed it, especially since plenty of parks have delayed 2021 investments. Would also be a shame of course.

Don't think we can jump to conclusions yet though.


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As ever, I'll await a reliable source, but right now, I'd be surprised if there weren't further delays. This year has basically killed any optimism I ever had though...


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So which are we leaning? Will the reimagining (or “stylising” if fab Amanda is involved) be better or worse, and wetter or dryer, than the current version? (And when I say current version, I’m talking about the one that closed and when all the effects were working.)


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Wouldn't say no to them improving accessibility whilst they're at it. I rode once in 2010 and never bothered after that because I found the boarding a moving boat thing too difficult. I'm someone who often finds it hard to sep onto downward escalators due to balance issues so I really struggled with those boats barrelling through the station like they don't want to be there! I was somewhat relieved when we were evacuated mid ride and I didn't have to try and get out back in the station 😂


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In June, the creative lead of the Valhalla "reimagining" was interviewed on BPB's Tic Tok (https://www.tiktok.com/@pleasure_beach?is_copy_url=1&is_from_webapp=v1), and he said multiple things that were happening with Valhalla. He confirmed that the ride would have a new soundtrack, pointing to the Notable Stranger and also he said the fire was going to be back. In regards to how soaked you will be he said this "You will get wet, you may still get soaked". He also said there would be small layout changes that you might notice.

In August testing emerged of at least two boat cycling on the turntable and backwards drop portion courtesy of Theme Park Mad. (Source:

Whilst I was at Pleasure Beach around a week ago I noticed that they were storing Ice Blast's topper in the ride area and that they have extended the station building a bit. (Sorry for the terrible quality of the image, you might have to squint you're eyes a bit but the piece of metal just at the top of the wall is actually the topper for Ice Blast 😅)


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